Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Repeat

I am unbelievably new to lighting and just started messing around with Onyx. I have a Cue List in which I have a show laid out cue to cue, triggered by MIDI from Ableton.
My question is, how can I copy the Verse, Pre-Chorus and Chorus cues onto the same cue list?
-Intro - Verse - Pre Chorus - Chorus -

  • Verse - Pre Chorus - Chorus -

The person training me made the first song and I made some nice cues after, but there’s so much stuff I completely forgot how to copy the cues.
Please someone help!

Select the cue list, an then follow the buttons like: COPY > CUE > “number of cue to copy” > @ > “Number where You want it in that cue list (if the number does not exist, just take a next number after last one”

Hope this will help.

This might help you:

ONYX Training Videos - 6.10 Copying Cues