Version2.7 build3: Master intensity - how to "master fade" 3 channel RGB's with no intensity channel

Referring to LJ version 2.7 build 3 on windows xp.

I have a large amount of 3 channel RGB fittings with no channel for intensity. I want to use a master fader but the ‘Master Intensity’ window only seems to fade ‘intensity’ channels. How do I get around this problem without overlapping channels. Is there a patch?


Could you take a picture of the USB device you are using?

Hi Matthias,

Any thoughts on how to solve this problem?

Jut tested in 2.95 (that works on XP too) and the grandmaster works on RGB

It could be that in the patch the fixtures are flagged to ignore blackout

Yeah that worked great!

Method for anyone else who has problem changing grand master intensity:

  1. Right click on fixture
  2. Define fixture profile
  3. Intensity and lamp
  4. Enable Grand Master Intensity
  5. Specials
  6. Extended GM Control
  7. Click on channel
  8. Enable GM

Thanks guys


Please note, that the Genric RGB Pack profiles already have their Extended Master enabled