views 'stacking' on dylos display. and dylos content import issues.

Hello again

When I go between views and close the menu they ‘stack’ on top of one another on the dylos view but only on the dylos view.

Also, after importing the factory dylos content file I cannot see anything in the library. Dylos is enabled and a zone is selected.

any idea how to resolve these is much appreciated, Thanks!

should note that neither of these issues occur on a different pc using the same show file.

Looks like DirectX files might be missing. Which version is this: 4.4 or 4.6? Consider downloading Obsidian Control Systems and installing (dxsetup.exe). Your second screen shot shows the owner library, not the factory library?

My apologies, uploaded the wrong screenshot, the factory library is also blank

Updating DirectX hasn’t seemed to make a difference
This is 4.4, my other pc with 4.6.1219 doesn’t have these issues

reinstalling onyx, both now 4.6, and updating DirectX again has resolved the issue

Thanks gert_leunen!

Yes, sorry, forgot to suggest the reinstall of Onyx as well: if something was wrong with DirectX, DyLOS probably wasn’t able to fully register itself during its
installation either.