(Visually) Sync main playback strips to separate hardware (NX Wing + M-Touch)

Hi there,

I own a NX Wing, a M-Touch and an additional Onekey 128 license. I run them on a 2021 HP Z-Book i7-11 series/16GB/512GB with Touchscreen + secondary 15.6 inch Touchscreen.

I run shows where I run multiple main playback banks. NX Wing has hardware ID00 and M-Touch has ID01 assigned.

What I am trying to achieve is to have:

  • Touch screen on the left showing main playback back synced to NX Wing
  • Laptop with Touchscreen on the right showing main playback synced to M-Touch
  • Main playback strips on both screens should not sync to each other.

I cannot for the love of God figure this out. Can someone help me achieving this?

The problem is that the main playback strip is always syncing to whichever piece of hardware has ID00, making me essentially having to use the M-Touch blindly, or resort back to putting strips of tape w/ sharpy markings on my hardware.

I have figured out one work-around, but the implementation is flaky. When I setup a network session and join the show with another laptop, I can unsync the main playback banks, and connect the M-Touch to the second computer.

Though after running a show for about an hour, interacting with the show through both pcs, the status of running cuelists (e.g. using views with playback button) will start to deteriorate. Cuelists will for instance still show to be running eventhough already released on the main console. Restarting Onyx on the secondary computer, and rejoining the session will re-sync everything correctly. Obviously this is something else that should be taken a look at, but it not really a proper solution to my original problem.

Super curious what the response to my post will be.

Hoping to hear from you.

Kind regards, Daan

Currently this is not possible, but the release coming up that includes support for the NX P wing will include the ability to set feedback strips for specific module IDs.

Hi Matthias,

Thank you for your response. Just to be sure: Will that include all previous NX and M-PC supported hardware?

Really awesome once that starts working. Have been waiting since 2018 for this :smiley:.

Kind regards,