Web remote on EP4 not working.

The web remote in my new EP4 does not work. Onyx doesn’t detect it either. It is connected directly to my laptop with an ethernet cable. I have tried to reset it several times and it makes no difference. The leds at the dmx connector are blinking blue. The green led at the rj45 connector are solid and the yellow are flashing. I wrote about this earlier today but the topic seems deleted. Grateful for help.

Greetings Arvid,

What browser are you using? What is the IP of the unit? How are you using the unit? sACN / Art-Net node or DMX splitter / merger? Wat firmware is installed on it?

This information would be helpful. As an example, I have an EN4 and have no major problems. Running sACN node direct to NIC card. Firmware 2.2, dhcp IPs using edge. sACN node. (Won’t be detectable).

I’ll try to check back later. In the meantime, I hope this helps.


I have tried using both Microsoft edge chromium and Google chrome. I have tried to reset the unit so the IP should be but I couldn’t access it and I wanted to use it as an Art-Net node but I never got it to work. It is brand new and I got it this monday. I have not been able to access it yet so I don’t know wich firmware is installed. Can it be some problems with the firewall on my computer? The EP4 doesn’t have any screen so I am not able to configure it through the sceen either.

whats the IP address of your pc?


The default IP for the EP4 is Your computer should be something different. Like for example. That is one of the places where you can set the computers IP.

Also, just for clarification, are you using the provided power supply or trying to provide power over POE? If POE, only one of the Ethernet ports accepts it. Last, are you going directly to the PC or is there a switch in between?

Again, hope this helps,


Thanks for the help! I changed the IP adress of my computer and now it works exept the web remote not always wants to load, but the rest works great! I am using the includded USB power supply. Many thanks to everyone!

Hey guys!
I’m having the same problem since I upgraded my firmware to 2.2 on my EP4. I was able to use the web remote BEFORE the update, but since the update, I just get a “No Webpage was found for the web address” error.

I’m using Google Chrome with the IP address of
I can ping the device at with windows cmd and get a response, I just can’t access the web control. It’s the only thing connected to my laptop. I hope I didn’t break it with the firmware update.


Just curious, have you tired with any other browsers? Like Microsoft Edge? Also, there is a web interface firmware update. However, if you can’t connect to the device anymore it does make it a little complicated.

After trying a different browser, if that doesn’t work, there are a few additional things to try. The common power cycle of all equipment. If that still doesn’t help, you can try the Update page directly. Based on the manual and the default IP (if you didn’t change it) it should be something like (Manual page 38). If that still doesn’t work you may have to reset the device with the reset button on the rear of the unit (page 9) and try the firmware updates again. Maybe with a fresh download in case the current one is corrupt.

Anyway, a few additional things to try.

Hope this helps,


When I updated the firmware in my EP4 it apeared like the EP4 changed IP adress by it self. I did reset it after the firmware update and it returned to and stayed on firmware 2.2. But I still can’t access the web remote. I got it working one time and since I haven’t been able to access it. It works as a Art-Net node with onyx though.

Please use the emergency boot page and reinstall the webfile 2.2
Which browser are you using?

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It is configurable by means of its inward web far off and fueled over Ethernet or by means of the USB-C association...

Everyting works perfectly now. It is a wonderful product now that I got it working, with so many settings and options.

Thank you for all of your help!