What consoles support Dylos?

What consoles support Dylos?
And how to extend universe and zones quantity? Can I connect a key with a license to the console?

TO have more universes you need a license Key:
Onyx Licenses (obsidiancontrol.com)
And here you have information about support Dylos desk

All Obsidian consoles support DyLOS. Only catch is - DyLOS needs a lot of horsepower so NX1 as a smaller console is limited to only 2 zones, and all other consoles are up to 5 zones.
Amount of universes per console is constant. Difference will be only on the PC, as then it depends what hardware or license key You have connected.

Just for clarity the NX1 will only handle 8 Universes. You can not increase that. The NX-Wing, NX-2, NX-4 will handle 64 universes. There is an exception on some of the earlier model NX-Wings as they will unlock Elite.

That’s why I said, that amount of universes per console is constant. You can only increase it on the pc with a license dongle.

@Mike - sorry. I misunderstood that you meant all consoles had 64 universes. That was my reasoning for the clarification.

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No problem, I just meant that You can’t expand console universes with a license key like on the PC system.

Thank You, and I wish You a great day too :slight_smile: