When I highlight all of my fixtures I have two moving heads (shehds 275w beam 10r) that dont respond

All of my fixtures will highlight except these two moving heads. I can go in and turn intensity up and it responds so I believe it is patched in correctly but for some reason they just do not work when I go to highlight them.

Please recheck with the latest fixture library, if not fixed report it to the library team.

Fixture Library (obsidiancontrol.com)

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Thank you, I am currently using the latest fixture library and will report to library team.

Some of the Chinese fixtures need the strobe channel to be defaulted at 100% in order to get output. You can change the default settings of those fixtures in Onyx so the strobe channel is always at 100. Or you can change your highlight 1 profile so it does that in the highlight mode.

All such wrong defaults should be reported as well, so the libraries get better for everyone!

Well, that’s the fun with Chinese fixtures. You can have the same exact fixture and 1 might do the strobe channel problem. And the other same model and brand might not. So who’s to say what is actually correct?

The library team has ways to handle this, they actually encounter this quite often and create multiple versions of the same fixture, which then are shown as modes (v1 v2 or a reference to the firmware version #)