When you want to change just one fixture's parameter in a recorded cue...how to?

So, I’m back to learning more about Onyx.

Let’s say I have two static washes, two spots, and two moving spots.

I clear the programmer. Then I bring all fixtures up to 100% intensity, apply 100% blue to the washes and position the spots where I want them.

I record --> Cue --> 1 --> Tap Playback Spot --> voila. A cue list is added to the cue list library and a playback is added to the playback screen.

Now, I want to create a new cue list (I could create a new cue in this cue list, but I want two easy to see buttons). In the next cue list, I want to fade out the spots and leave the washes on.

What I used to do:

Load Load. Deselect all fixtures. Select the fixtures I want to change. Change the parameter. RE-select all fixtures. Record --> Cue --> 1 --> Tap New Playback --> done.

Now, if I press the first cue list, the 2nd cue list deactivates and vice-versa.

That seems to be the only way I can ensure that every parameter that’s running in cue list 1 is replicated on cue list 2 such that one disables the other and I can freely switch between them without leaving a trail of running cue lists.

So now comes the challenge. Now I want to modify the first cue in the first cue list so the spots are at 50% instead of 100%.

What I used to do: Load Load --> Deselect all fixtures --> Select fixtures to change and change parameters --> Re-Select all Fixtures --> Record --> Cue --> 1 --> Tap playback that already exists --> Merge.

What I was missing: When you press record, you can choose to only record active fixtures and not have to worry about making sure all fixtures are selected.

What I do now: Clear Clear --> Select fixture and set desired parameter --> Record --> Cue --> 1 --> Select only Active --> Tap Playback --> Merge.

Is this the most efficient way to tweak a single parameter in a cue quickly without screwing things up, or is this just ONE way of doing it?

Is there a more efficient way, or is there another way to go about this?

you can use UPDATE button .

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You are making this way over complicated… :slight_smile:

  1. Select required fixtures
  2. Load (click FX, in the Load toolbar, shell these cues will use effects), Load
  3. Set the desired look 1 on stage
  4. Record, select a playback
  5. Set the desired look 2 on stage
  6. Record, (click Active+ InActive), Select a new playback

That’s it…
Now you have 2 cuelists, with different looks, contains every value for the selected fixtures


Yup…haven’t run through the tutorial on it yet but I’m getting there.

I can tell you this…the moment I added a touch screen to my workflow, things got better.

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