Where is the firmware for Martin (Onyx) Consoles?

Martin used to have firmware update files listed separately along with the OS update files for their consoles. However, after the Onyx rebrand, I have only been able to find the OS update files. Are the firmware files also included in these files? I haven’t been keeping up with updating the firmware so I’m not sure what I’m running! I don’t believe I ever updated the firmware but the system works fine at version 3.7, just wanted to update everything before switching over to the latest firmware.


If your firmware needs updates you would get warnings during bootup. Not much has changed on firmware in years.
All firmware is always included with the software installer.

Our firmware hasn’t ever been upgraded so just checking up on that:)

I believe the system did say firmware upgrades were needed but only during the first boot up.

Just remembered that the installed/upgrader automatically places the firmware files on the hard drive of the console, and can be updated via the OS with the firmware took:)



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