Where to download old training showfile and CaptureTrainingViz as used on YouTube?

I’ve been going through the tutorials on the official Obsidian Onyx training page on YouTube. It seems the trainer is using a different showfile and capture visualizer showfile than the one currently in the Onyx “Samples” folder and downloadable from the website! Is it possible to still get the show he is using? It would make the training considerably easier to follow and more effective. I noticed this seems to be an older training showfile, since another YouTube trainer named Xyper also has tuts up using it with the Martin M-PC vintage system.

The old training files were actually done with Martin Showdesigner. We no longer have these.

I just used the capture demo from the capture website. They have the onyx showfile as a separate download on their website as well with link on same page. They both work together perfectly, minus a couple of bad submaster labels. I will edit in the page link momentarily.


Be sure to download capture and controller zip files extract and open each. Follow same instructions from YouTube video to finish set up.