where to find complete list of osc adresses and parameter range

can anyone help to find a complete list of osc adresses
and parameter range, of onyx?
or is the only chance to read it out of the touch osc layout?

is there a osc adress for trigger the tempo tap in onyx with osc from 3rd party software?
and where is the best place on the nx wing for mapping the tab buttom to?
or is there a default buttom for tab the tempo in onyx on the wing?



There is currently no list in the manual, but the exisiting M_Series document is still valid.
Tap Tempo is not mapped to OSC

To edit the Wing for Tap Tempo use an F-Key and map BEAT to it:

and sorry, but the tab button of the beat editor,
is mapped to:

and works very great!!!
over all views, we can now use a simple pd or isadora patch over osc to tab the beat in onyx.




ok good to know!

the cool thing in this case is, that we so can read out very easy the peaks from the audio click from the stage metronom in isadora, and giv that by osc to onyx tab button and have a perfect beat match for tempi changes coming in improvisation parts of the musicans.
very cool.