which ip address and subnet mask usees onyx artnet broadcast mode?

and another question,
not solveable for us from older posts.
we try to send artnet broadcast mode to resolume, but resolume arenas artnet input is not shown as a artnet device in onyx. so we have to use unicast to arena and that causes, we can not broadcast to other artnetdevices at the same time.
what is the solution for that.
we think onyx send in a different ip address space, than our network interface an our router is set to.
so what is the ip address space, or specific ip address of onyx broadcast mode artnet out?
and what is the subnet range?



Onyx ALWAYS broadcasts on In the current release Artnet is locked to a 2.x scheme.
Artnet devices do not always show, especially media servers/visualizers. This does not mean it doesn’t work. The reply back over Artnet was unfortunately not mandatory in the Artnet spec.

Always test this with a different tool like dmx workshop and you will see Artnet coming out. It is the default of ONYX with no changes to send Artnet.