Which Lustr 2 profile works with the color picker?

I’m using ETC Lustr 2s in Studio mode with plus 7 enabled, and it seems like I can only manually dial in each color with the parameter controls. I don’t seem to be able to use any of the premade color effects, or use the color picker. Which mode will allow me to do these things?

The color picker only handles RGB. It can not control all seven colors of the Lustr2.

I would use RGB, Plus 7 disabled, Virtual Dimmer enabled

Oh dang. I wish I had known. Unfortunately the event has already started. Maybe there should be some sort of recommendation in the personality selection window in onyx to go with the rgb one if you want to use the color picker and such?

are there any plans to updated or allow the color picker to handle more channels than RGB?
Its not game breaking or anything, just curious =)