White, Amber, UV color channels displaying on 2D plan

I know it is a small thing, but the 2D plan not reflecting changes of White, Amber, and UV channels is frustrating. Are there any plans to fix this issue? I currently can’t afford the investment of a 3D visualizer, as I am still building my light equipment inventory. It would just be helpful.


Highway 31



You are correct that this can be frustrating. I know it was on the list for improvements and was a frequent request under M-Series.

I also would enjoy seeing this improvement. Thanks for adding your support.


Ditto here! I noticed this issue also. Glad it is on the “to do” list. Would be a welcome enhancement. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would also really love to have this feature implemented into Onyx too!

Unfortunately OCS do not make their roadmap public, so it is impossible to know if or when this may get done…


in addition to this, afaik the colour picker only changes the RGB Values of a fixture. In most scenarios this is alright but working with ETC Lustr fixtures this gets quite annoying. If I want to take advantage of the superior colour mixing I have to manually adjust every parameter. It would be awesome if onyx automatically applies the best combination of parameters to create the colour the user wants. Another option would be to be able to import and auto-create presets from other showfiles. maybe even with Lua support?