Why is Onyx not giving me the chance to select "fader 1 by function"it's placed on 20 ?

Hi to all for sure I am missing something why can’t I select my fader 1 and all the rest yes?
What should I verify?
Thank you.


Could you clarify what you want to achieve? I do not understand what you said :frowning:

I don’t know if this will cause your problem, but you have the same command on F20 and also F30. The same one you are saying you can’t get to work.

Hi there just trying to select fader 1 and it doesn’t give me that chance when pushing function 20,don’t bother on the" picture "having the same on 30, because I was just testing if it worked somewhere else,and only one item at a time!

SO HERE IS A VIDEO! :slight_smile: