Wing DMX output issue

Hello everyone having an odd issue on our NX Wing, we cant get any output on ports s 3 and 4 only 1 and 2 but sometimes ports 1 and 2 show up in the mapping menu as 3 and 4
any firmware updates for the NX wing?

Please email to resolve this.

Hi Matthias. I got something bit different. Only Out 1 & 2 shows in DMX Settings. It’s not possible to configure port 3 & 4 no matter what I try. Windows detected 2x NX2 NX-Wing and Wing Main Panel. Diagnostic USB View confirms existence of two NX DMX Cards. Any ideas?

I had this issue on an NX2, I think it’s something with the show file. I loaded another show file I created on my pc with fixtures patched on universe 1-4 and I was able to use all 4 ports and assign them to whatever universe I wanted.

I’m sure there is a more official solution to this, but that worked for me.

Do you see 2USB-DMX panels in ConsoleTester?