Wireless adapter on M1

Has anyone or does anyone know how to setup a wireless network adapter on an M1?

That might be tricky since the M1 runs on an embedded version of Windows, so drivers might not be able to be installed automatically.

While this isn’t an exact solution, I have used a wireless router in bridge mode (extend another WiFi network) and hooked up the M1 via a cable to that router.

There used to be a way to open up command prompt and launch explorer.exe and install drivers that way, but I believe they removed that in later versions.

However, I do believe you can still run excutables for drivers in the built in file manager. While the chances are low, you can see if the embedded version of Windows will take the driver installer (google the driver exe for your specific adapter) and install the network adapter.

Hope that helps, even though I haven’t tried it! Hopefully someone else can chime in:)

I had the command prompt taken away specifically to avoid what you are trying to do.
Please never try to get around the embedded OS to install anything custom. The console may simply stop working. You will not believe how delicate some drivers are and how a driver can damage the OS. There are audio drivers that render Windows 10 unusable for M-Series for example. So absolutely stop this and do not provide workarounds. Its foolish to think you can do this… Its a professional machine, not a personal PC.
Buy an access point to get wireless connectivity. There is no need to consider anything else.

In the professional environment, if something needs to be done I expect to have the ability to get it done.

If I own a car and the dealer tells me I can’t install an aftermarket stereo system in it, that doesn’t mean I actually “can’t.” That’s just because they don’t support it.

What I can do however, is take it to a mechanic or stereo installer, and he can give me tips on how to get it done! :slight_smile: Of course, it might not work, but a tip can lead you to the right place.

Now if something goes wrong, hopefully you’ll be able to backtrack and fix it (reinstalling software, that’s why you always have backups). But if you break it, there really isn’t any guarantee from the start that it would work - but if it does work, then hey, you just figured out a new feature :wink:

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I’m just Playing “devils advocate” here though - as I stated, the actual supported way would be to hook up to a router via Ethernet cable like I’ve mentioned. It would probably save you a headache :wink: