Workflow Question, Embedded Groups

Hi all, slowly learning more and more of this tool. Bit of a workflow question here.

As I follow now, typical workflow appears to be from patch -->create groups --> create presets -->build playbacks. where playbacks with embedded references are dependent on those embedded Presets. (for ex if a color preset is updated, the playback appears to follow the updated color)

Is something similar possible with groups? Say for example, if onsite there are more fixtures than told ahead of time, is there a way to update a group to accept the new fixture where that “reference” will flow through your already built presets to final playbacks? Otherwise, it appears to be a lot of tedious work to run through each playback and manually update each to include the new fixture. “cloning” a fixture at the patch is, close, but still requires tedious work to fix playback FX.

Looking for a more efficient way to handle a situation such as above. Any suggestions or tips?

Thanks all!