Workspaces not staying unique

version 4.2.1095 (Upgrading in near future)
Windows 10 platform

Hey folks,

So this problem has been around for a long time for me. When I attempt to set up one of the default workspaces (playback in this case) to the way I would like to see it (playback -> sliders, System -digital clock), once complete, I save it with a unique name.

Problem is, I then go back to the “Compose” workspace, and what I saved in “Playback” is then brought over to the Compose window, replacing whatever current view I was on.

I went as far as created a new view on the “Compose” side, went back to the “Playboack” workspace, tried again, and when saved, over-writes the View last left on on the “Compose” side.

Anyone have ideas on this?

As a side note for those asking why I have not upgraded, I just got in my NX DMX device (and now have installed it) which will allow me to get upgraded in the near future to the 4.4.xxxx series (finding time as I am a volunteer and have a day job, Ugh) . Prior to that, was using the USBKing dongle (which btw, has always worked as well for me. Unfortunate it had to go).