X-Keys with ONYX

Hi All,

I recently started with ONYX and the NX Touch. I purchased an X-Keys 60 controller yesterday and was cruising around, trying to find out how to integrate it with ONYX and found the following thread:

The thread is very old and the link to the actual connection software is no longer active: (http://forumarchive.martin.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=24432)

Is anyone currently using XKeys with onyx and would be willing to share their connection method? I would love to setup two-directional communication with XKey so the controller so it can receive feedback from ONYX, causing the lights to activate/ deactivate.

Any help would be much appreciated.



The server is idd down for a while because I’ve moved and need to configure some things :slight_smile:
I’ll see if I can put it online this evening so you can downlaod the soft tomorrow (or this evening)

Hi Jeroen,

I know the original topic was ages ago so I’m not surprised the links are broken. I saw that you haven’t posted in a while also, which is why I didn’t messaged you directly. Thanks for the quick reply!.. And for putting the in work to build that tool!

Funny that after all this time, XKeys still seems to be the best option for an Onyx/ MPC hardware keypad. I’m eager to got away from my touchscreen!

Thanks again!!

the link should work again: mpcxkeys.
Have fun with it. Notice that the the OSC is limited to users with any kind of licensed hardware (ie. with a touch or whatever). In free mode you’ll have some OSC control but with delay.

It’s been a while that I updated my system, so I’m still running an older version (I really should upgrade to you the lovely new features).

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key commands and encoders work without delay. OSC delays are only on playbacks.

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Thank you kindly. My controller should be arriving today and can’t wait to play.

Happy holidays & New Year!!

I figured it out. This app is a game-changer. Thanks again for sharing it.

Hi, that link doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Any chance of a rehosted download link? Cheers