X-Laser patches

Since updating to the latest beta from the current stable release, the X-laser patches are no longer compatible, plus many are also now missing completely (Skywriter etc.)


I know this may seem like a “bug”, but please remember that between the current stable release (4.4.1193) and the current beta (4.6.1208) there have been several changes. Including a new library system (which can be read about here The new ONYX Library – Powered by AtlaBase (obsidiancontrol.com)).

As a result, you may need to check over you existing fixtures and compare them against the new library. You can check for them on the support website. Here is a link for checking if the fixture is in the new library. Fixture Library (4.6 Preview) (obsidiancontrol.com). Please remember that one of the new benefits with this new library system is there will be daily support builds / releases. So you can go download the current library at any time and install it, rather than waiting for periodic updates.

If you still find yourself needing a profile, you can request it on the new Library support page (also found on the support website or at this link New Fixture Request (obsidiancontrol.com)). Please have all the necessary documentation available so they can create the profile correctly. I know this may seem like a hassle at the current time, but this will be a very nice change once fully implemented. The development team has done a wonderful job with the platform and as a end user myself, I am very excited about the change, especially since it will integrate with Capture even more now.

Anyway, maybe not the exact answer you were looking for. I still hope this helps, and that you will take the time to submit any profiles you may need.


what is an x-laser patch, and how are they telling you they are not compatible?

X-Laser is an American laser manufacturer.
They also make control software, much like Pangolin, but this allows you to control patches directly within Onyx.

The fixture library all worked on the standard release, but when updating to the Beta, half the fixtures were missing, and those that were there came up with an error.

The online fixture library also shows other X-Laser fixtures, but they are not in the download or the addendum:

The XML error file is here:
X-Laser_X-Beam_5000_Standard.FixtureTypeErrorReport.Onyx.xml (532 Bytes)

Hi Watson,
This doesn’t “seem” like a bug, it IS one.
The error message is in my post below.
The thing with this fixture it is not just simple function data, but contains a massive array of graphics utilised as gobos within the settings, so it is pretty complex.


Hey @Tryptych,

The additional information is more helpful now. In your original post it sounded like a lack of profiles in the library. Which still is the case. But now the development team has some direction to go.

I’m sorry if my original response sounded like I was doubting your report. I was merely trying to remind you that a lot has changed and it is possible the profile(s) aren’t there or may need to be adjusted / fixed. Which is what you were reporting. However, even your screen shot is showing the difference between the old library system and the new. The old library won’t work on the new beta and any additional profiles will need to be requested.

@Matthias can help ensure things get corrected. However, I can not remember if the library support team follows this forum. In this case Matthias can also help determine if it’s a full library profile issue or a software issue.

Again thanks for being a part of the community and I’m excited to see how this gets resolved.


Try the latest library, the reason shown in the error report should be corrected.


Indeed the Laser profiles are incredibly complex and will among the last to get fully completed in the new library.

Thank you Watson and Matthias,
The current profiles remain the same for now, but I can wait.
As I am here, do you have any links as to how to transfer patches to Onyx from Capture via CITP?

Best regards,