X-net bug

I just noticed that the record/remove function is not updated between consoles connected on X-net. Can anyone confirm that this is a bug?

Hi Shot2shot,

Just out of interest what version of the software and OS are you using?

I have just installed V4.2.1039 on two machines one with Win 7 X64 and the other win 10 X64. I have started to experience issues, it would join the show then load and as soon as it had finish they would both drop to stand alone mode. Firewalls are off on both machines, ping was working fine.

Hadn’t seen this problem on the V4.1010 which I had been testing previously.



Please post V 4.2 findings, here:


I am on 4.0.1010. Win 10 x32 on both master and slave. I just had a crash on my master during a gig and had to go to my backup slave. I can’t tell if the x-net saved me from the crash or if it caused it…