X-net license question & X-net over a lighting network

Hello everyone! I had some questions regarding licenses between 2 computers over X-net and using X-net with a router over a show network.
So i am looking to use my surface pro as a secondary system to control my primary console over X-net. I have done this a few times as well as using Windows remote desktop app and I have had some degrees of success (I have been using a cheap travel router that I am replacing). What are the rules though when using the secondary system that has a “free” license to control my lighting network that is plugged into my primary system which has a live 128 license.
To clarify, I would not be using my secondary as a backup that would need to transmit any lighting data at any time. I am merely trying to get a wireless system that allows me to be more mobile on the job. I know the onyx IOS app would allow this to an extent but I would prefer to have access to my whole ONYX setup.
I was also curious if anyone had any experience running a router and/or access points and connecting a secondary via X-net on the same network as their sACN or art-net data. Has X-net ever caused any communication issues to your lighting data? I am just thinking about those situations where I have my primary pretty far away and it will be great to plug in Access points to switches closer to set that I already installed for my Netron devices.
Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

Hi, bhunterwoodruff, Here is the link to the X-net support. As of now, it is not advisable to use X-Net over Wifi If you have issues there is no support to making it work without a problem. So you can use on your own accord. X-Net
Obsidian recommends the Onyx App or OSC for Wifi control.