X-Net lost programmer actions, but not playback cuelist


I don’t have a scenario, but during a programming session, I use 2 computer, one for programming, and the other one where the 3D visualizer is installed. To avoid to set up a proper Artnet network, I use the X-Net protocol to run Onyx on the 3D PC.

Today, I was forced to relaunch Onyx (after 1 hour) because the programmer content was not reflected on the slave Onyx.

After relaunch of Onyx, the programmer content came back to live, and the synchro works fine.

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I get the issue again, 1h later.

I found a quicker way to workaround it, just leaving the networked show, and join again.

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Another strange bug with x-net. Today the programmer content is badly sync. Instead to apply the preset on the selected fixture, on the slave it is the whole preset, without selection which is applied.

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