XML Fixture Editing

A long time ago, I asked a question about complex fixtures and how to create them. I was directed to a folder that was full of XML definitions for the fixtures. I was able to successfully create the profiles for my fixtures. I installed the latest beta (was having issues with the previous version), and I no longer see the directory where the custom fixtures would have been stored. Are they in a new location?

I see how “Factory.FixtureTypeLibrary” works… but is there a way to have extra fixtures that are not added to that library? Something simpler perhaps :smiley:

That library should not be altered, but you can also store your own types in the user library, which is located at C:\Users\Public\Documents\Obsidian\Onyx\Fixture Library (the library editor also imports custom types into that location). It has the same manufacturer\model folder structure as the old fixture library.

Note. This is only valud for standard profiles, not multi part profiles

Ofer Brum
Onyx Library Support

But files copied or edited manually can still be stored in that location, even when they are multi-part

My comment was regarding the use of the Profile Editor, to copy profiles into the User folder…

Oh, I love resurrecting old topics like this. Thank you for all your help over the years. Your guidance has helped tremendously!

Now, I have a new question. I have purchased an old Martin M1… making the jump to the hardware controller. It’s on the most updated Onyx version that it supports. Is there a way to get these XML profiles copied to that system somehow? Or, is there a way to somehow compile one of the *.fixture binary files?

I guess I also have the same question regarding where the gobo resource files would be stored. I used to be able to reference them using AccessoriesIndex.xml.

Simple fixtures are easy enough with the fixture editor. The multi-head fixtures are the ones that I am, of course, having issues with.

The new library is licensed through Atlabase and not available for the old M1 consoles. It is not allowed to reverse engineer or copy anything (including gobo images) of the data for use outside of ONYX 4.6 or higher, which includes encryption to protect the library data.
Best to use Ofer’s service for the fixtures you need.

Fixture Library (obsidiancontrol.com)

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I think we missed a bit. I’m not looking for a new library, so that isn’t a concern. I am simply looking for a way to write the custom XML fixtures to the M1. I have created all of my own images, and the profiles work just fine on PC. I need to know if there is a way to put them on the M1, or a way to compile their *.fixture binary.

It was easy enough on PC, but the console operating system is locked down.

to check the layout, export a known fixture , change the file extension to .zip.
You can see how to structure this and make your own zips, then redo the extension to .fixture.

Thank you Matthias. This perfectly solved my problem.