Xy color picker

Is there an option to use an xy color picker? If not this would be a great thing to add.

You mean a colour mixer like you would see in illustrator?

Onyx actually has that. If you open your parameter window, and click the arrow in the top left to view the larger control boxes there is actually a colour mixing page where we have this kind a picker

Yeah I have found that, I am looking for one that will take xy values it would look like this.

I have tried playing with some of the xy fixture profiles but they are almost impossible to use, you would have to work the dmx value conversion to put in any coordinates.

Ok I see what you mean now. Yes, that is a hustle. Good recommendation

This type includes rgbwauv,lime etc… That Means i suppose a lot of work,hope in some enhacements.

Hi All,

This is something I have also been after.

What would be nice is a place where you can just type in the X&Y coordinates.

Kind regards