Yellow Shield

This may be a dumb question but I searched and could not find the answer.

When I select certain devices there is a yellow shield with an exclamation point in the lower right corner of the setting??

Is it from the Patch view ? If yes, it is because the fixture is patch out of your license limits.

If I select a fixture, and press the up arrow to see the settings for that fixture (or group) I get the buttons for intensity, color, pan, etc. If I then press the left arrow to pop out the box that gives me the extra info it show up on some of those. I may need to upload a screengrab.

I have the M2PC (Wing) so it should not be a license issue.

This is something to do with the “Control” channels for that fixture. I can’t remember the exact terminology and couldn’t find the description, but it is either 1) a fixture profile issue that needs corrected or 2) attributes that are “special”. Like Reset Fixture, which usually requires a 5 second hold at that vaule. Or setting a dimmer curver / speed setting.

@Ofer_Brum would know better than me, but I believe that most of the time it is normal and just a way to “flag / notify” the user that it is different than normal.

Hope this helps,


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The meaning of the Control type yellow shield, is to protect the user from accidentally access those values, using the encoder wheels/belts, to avoid storing these values into cues, by mistake…


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Thanks, I will keep an eye on those.