DYLOS Build 1081


		Release notes for Onyx
		(C) 2019 - Obsidian Control Systems

4.3.1181 (11/12/2019)

Fixed EDIT CUE not activating UPDATE context
Fixed DyLOS engine crash at startup

4.3.1180 (10/12/2019)

Added vertical scroll to DyLOS text generator
Added bounce, beat and random playback modes
Added Clear/Load to (right-click) popup menus in Zone Composer
Modified MOVE MEDIA semantics to SWAP in case of conflicts

Fixes and (performance) improvements:

  • Text (zoom) improvements
  • Improved labels for better consistency
  • Removed grouping tools from top of Zone Composer
  • Fixed Factory Effect/Generator/Shape thumbs in library panel
  • Fixed loading a single media file into multiple slots in one command (loading only the first)
  • Fixed USB DMX devices not sending data beyond universe 64
  • Fixed inability to restore internal DMX devices to defaults when not all ports are attached to Onyx

4.3.1179 (29/11/2019)

Added text generator to DyLOS
Added M6+ (upgrade kit) licensing

Fixes and (performance) improvements:

  • Restored Martin LJ license unlocking
  • Display progress while importing/exporting media
  • Improved dynamic channel layouts
  • Improvements for adding DyLOS support to show files
  • Fixed fixtures with patch suggestion part (external dimmer, etc) being presented as multi-part fixtures in 2D plan
  • Fixed Programmer and Cuelist Values not handling zone renumbering correctly
  • Fixed loading large show files (+17GB) on consoles
  • Fixed a crash when FX-linking zone channels

4.3.1177 (08/11/2019)

Fixes and (performance) improvements:

  • Provide load/default shortcuts on parameter group popup
  • Show generators in library breakout view
  • Fixed artifact in Line effect shader on DyLOS
  • Fixed renumbering multiple ID numbers of DyLOS zones skipping 4 ID’s every following zone
  • Improve media saving speed
  • Fixed Programmer and Cuelist Values not handling zone deletion correctly
  • Fixed DyLOS engine crashing on fixture(-part)s that don’t have any channels viable for pixel mapping (being mapped in a zone)

4.3.1176 (01/11/2019)

Fixes and (performance) improvements:

  • Media resynch button now supports different scopes
  • Creating new show now shows an option to resynch media (map) on the system into the new show (default OFF)
  • EDIT can be used as well to rename library folders/slots
  • Zone page selection not correctly updated when resetting to recorded settings
  • Multiparts placed in visualization mode on the 2D stage do not show pixel information
  • Newly added fixtures would not be pixel-mapped to until restart
  • 2D Plan (Onyx) crashes when enabling/disabling zone preview
  • Async import of media files (improves responsiveness)
  • Some DyLOS shaders don’t work in Release build (like Line Effects)
  • Fixed Pan/Tilt invert/swap
  • Delay OSC playback control if no license has been found
  • Show descriptive labels for some DyLOS parameters
  • Gobo images with - in filename are saved incorrect (library editor)

4.3.1175 (21/10/2019)

Added DyLOS support for multi-part fixtures
Fixes and (performance) improvements

4.3.1174 (17/10/2019)

Fixes and (performance) improvements

4.3.1171 (4/10/2019)

Added DyLOS pixel engine (currently limited to 5 zones per show, 1 layer per zone, all content scaled to 256x256 pixels internally)
Improved user interface focus and navigation (arrow keys activated) management
Moved to 64 bit