Dylos zone composer visualizer bug

Is anyone else running into this kind of issues in their Dylos zone composer after switching to that workspace?

It doesn’t always happen and only after some time of using Onyx, playback in the zone is running though. Just no preview in the zone composer…

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I had that issue at one stage. Updated directX and then reinstalled onyx. All works fine now.
That discussion has the downloads for directX, just the “dxsetup.exe” file is needed

This means your Dylos engine crashed. We would need to find out what is causing this on your pc. If you find a way to replicate this we would like to know so we can fix it.

Is it possible that it was an error on my end with databases? After a recent windows Beta update the local database seemed to no longer be accessible. This went so far, that Onyx was no longer able to open. I had to reinstall the OS and Onyx to make it work again. I wrote to Controller Support about the beta version I was using.

Every time when I switched views, the dylos preview would not update to dylos but instead stay in the last window’s content.

If the system was started on the dylos page, it displayed correctly until I switched views again, receiving the same issue.

I think it is important to mention that the preview was only broken on the zone composer. If I looked at my 2D plan and the single fixtures, I was receiving feedback from dylos. (I blindly followed content and generators to get something running)

I wanted to create a log of the startup but at that point, I was no longer able to load Onyx at all.


I think I may have experienced this tonight. I have a “test” machine that has a fresh Windows 10 pro on it. I made sure it had all Windows updates and then installed 1219. No other versions have been on it. The untitled show seemed okay I thought. But tonight I loaded a 1193 show file and was working with the patch exchange. When I went to mess DyLOS I noticed the screen not “drawing” properly.

  1. I thought 1219 checked and installed the proper DirectX. But in checking the release notes I don’t see anything about that. So does the installer check for the proper DirectX?

  2. If I need to manually install it, is there a way to verify the current version before running the installer. This would allow me to confirm I installed the correct one

3). I’ve seen some post (including this thread) about the setup file needed. Are these links to the current DirectX or is there a better location to get them from (like Microsoft)?

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