Error When installing Onyx 27502 Time out

Hi team,

Got this error while trying to up date to the latest version from 45 to 47.


this is on a surface pro 4. 8 gigs of ram. I7.

Any help would great. Have tried everything in most posts on this site.



Hey all,

I am with Steve on this one with a computer that formerly had Onyx on it. I’ve tried everything in any recent posts, such as this one: Error When installing Onyx 27502

(i.e. Uninstalling, running cleaner v1, reboots, starting databases manually).

ALL antivirus is disabled (I did not have any installed besides what is built in to W10).

Any idea how to solve this?


Update - after fussing with things found on Google for a few hours, I bit the bullet and chose “Reset” Windows in the Windows 10 preferences. I choose the one that keeps my files, but deletes all preferences/apps, and it cleared me up to install.

So, not ideal, but it’s a solution.