Fading Cues

I want to crossfade cues like have one cue up and then when I press go I want the first cue to fade out and then have the other one going up while the other one is fading out how do I do that

Simple! Just as you recorded your first cue, record a second cue on “top” of that first cue.

i.e - Make the lights look how you desire. Press “Record”, and then press the playback where you put the first cue.

This will create a second cue, and they will crossfade :slight_smile:

Is there away to make one single button in ONYX for go that I can add and just press it instead of the fader and the other option thingy


If your cuelist is on mainplayback fader, and you are on a computer (with at lease a keyboard), press the shortcut CTRL+1 to run the top button saignement function.

From console it is even easier, you have to press the button you assigned for it.

More shortcut available there :

If you work only with a mouse and keyboard, it is simpler to set your cuelist on a playback page, and then you can decide what do you want to do when clicking the cuelist.