Fading from one cue to another

Hey folks,

So I am looking to cross-fade from one cuelist to another, that are on separate buttons:


While I read this previous post by SlyRoboCop, and answered by David “Fading Cues” I am wondering if this can be done as independent cue’s. So, maybe on the second button, there is a fade/release of the first (or any other) button as the second button comes up?

Otherwise, I understand building it all into the first button (PreGame) as separate cues.


you could set up it up for Release on next go and set the release fade time all it the cue list options menu
only think it would not make a different on what cue list you hit go on so if not in order could cause problems

Thanks Matt. I’ll give that a try when I get up to the Church later this week.