Global Color Presets?

I am trying to build some presets for the custom colors I need to switch to regularly, is there a way to build them so that the preset will work for any fixture of the same profile? Right now I can only apply the preset if I built it for the selected fixture or fixtures. Am I missing something?

This is not yet supported in ONYX but on the todo list. Thanks!

  • Set one fixture with the desired color
  • Save as FX Macro
    You can now use it with any fixture of this show

Ofer Brum
Onyx Library Support

What Ofer_Brum said is a cool option.
In my patch window, I have a “preset” version of each fixture I ever used. e.g. “Eurolight LED THM 16 Preset”, that is linked with my colour presets, movements and gobos. That means that if I select no fixtures and hit the preset, all lights will be set to the same parameter like full, white.

When adding new fixtures I just clone that preset fixture to the new fixture.
That has always worked well for me.

???. sorry can you explain in other words, so we can follow?



Sorry for not bringing the point across clearly, I thought this is common practice.

Ok. Lets say I am using 10 Martin Mac 230s as part of a touring rig.

To start off, I am adding only one Mac230 to create colour, gobo and basic movement presets.
That will be my template for all other other Mac 230 that I will ever add.

Future MAC 230s added will allways be clones of this template fixtures.

If I should ever come across other MAC 230s in venues, I can just add them to the patch, clone the template onto this added fixture and have all presets ready to use.
Note: The template fixture will NEVER be patched, so it won’t be bound to cues or other movements (touring rig setup)

Moving on, we repeat this with all fixtures that we have in the rig.
This means, that if you press a colour preset, all fixtures will turn to the value set upon template creation. Example: press “red” preset, all fixtures will turn red.

If you only want to set group of fixtures to red, select the fixtures before you press any preset. That can also be an automatic group of fixtures i.e. fixture Type as asked above.

Maybe I should add that I only have one colour button in total per colour.


  1. Create a template
  2. patch fixtures
  3. clone template on new patched fixture
  4. use presets on new fixtures or only selected fixtures

Please tell me if I messed up formulating something again.

thank you so much.
the obsidians shoud bring more programmers to bring real life things to the people…



Yes! I also really enjoy the videos that they made, where people talk about how they set up their programming and use the software to create certain Effects.

You are aware of the existing videos right?