LED Colors with Submasters?

General question. With our old physical light-board, we would use between 3 and 5 faders (RGB or RGBAW depending fixture selected) set up as submasters for color selection. What is the right or “normal” way folks do this with ONYX software? Manually program colors into the queue list, or can sliders/faders be configured on the virtual console as well to do that?


Hey James,

There are a few important steps to make this work:

  1. Set the default preset to have the LED’s default as color intensity (for each color) to ZERO.
  2. Record an Override fader for each color. Right click the other colors on the attributes section, and press “clear channel” before recording (so that they are NOT included in the playback - very important)

This will give you that control on the virtual console, main playbacks or submasters.


Thanks David, that worked.

I presume if I have one LED fixture that does include an intensity, I would want to set that intensity to 100%%, then record the selected color (RGBAW) to each Playback?

Also, what’s the difference between recording it as an Override or a SubMaster? I tried both, and both would seem to give em the same results.


Overide affects LTP parameters and intensity, Submasters only affect intensity

Thanks Brett.

So from what I read in your statement and online, Latest Takes Precedence (LTP), will “OverRide” any current setting (previously played queue) for that particular fader.


I wouldn’t use the term Override because in Onyx an Override is a different function than a Cuelist which is LTP.

Here is more info: http://support.obsidiancontrol.com/Content/Cues_and_Cuelists/Creating_Cuelists.htm