Light Jockey II is not working with my hardware

i installed the new Light Jockey on my Windows 10 desk top and it does see my USB Key but not the Dongle
what could i be doing wrong?

Naturally that’s what I did,
I downloaded the latest version and like I said it’s not working
The lights come on the dongle all Amber
But when I do to Hardware Setup
The software recognizes the Key and Dongle
But when I try to chand the universes
It reads
Error cannot change configuration

I have the new mdmx box and key
Also the older grey box and different Key
Both do not work.

Is therer any way to Team viewer to see the issue ?

The error shows that the firmware is outdated. Close LJ, open the firmware updater and check the Dmx boxes. Install the latest version that came with the installer.

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