Lightjockey 2.95 expand cue slots and transparent BG cues

Hi all, I’ve several new fixtures to implement and I would take advance of transparent cues to create a 2532 layout that allows to edit single parameters of every fixture groups (ex: change colour, change speed, etc.) I need more then 12 cue slots to do that, any way to expand it?
Using background cues 5 slots will help too, but I see I can’t use trasparent feature there, each time I load bg cue with one line for example, all the other 4 will be cleared. Any solution here?
Can followspot help me somehow for example avoiding to use a cue slot only for activate the smoke?

Anyway, expanding cue slots to 24 would guarantee a really better scenario for me. Thank you for answers.
PS: the new software version how many cues support?

It is not possible to expand to 12, and other versions of LJ also did not change anything in regards how it works, just added the license system and support for other hardware.
LJ is no longer in development. I would recommend giving M-PC a try.

Thank you a lot for reply!
Ok not editable, no development, anyway I would kindly ask this:

  1. BG cues can’t be transparent? ANy way to set them transparent?
  2. There is any trick I can use for example to activate on/off effects? I explain myself better:

a) I’ve a smoke machine, it can be turned on by a simple flash sequence recall from 2532, but I would like to integrate it into a cue. It can share for example the same slot of violet lamps. There is any way/script to check if a violet lamp is on, then set both on, of if the violet is off then set on only the smoke relay? Or any other trick that let me save one slot of cue?

b) if I latch a sequence from 2532, and then another one which acts on other DMX address, there is any way to keep the value of the first sequence on DMX? Cause it looks set back to the default fixture value. In this case I can set ON violet lamps by sequence, and activate smoke without lose the violet lamps.

Thank you a lot!!

Just discovered I can toggle statics slots and BG cue slots with 2532, but they work only as latch. Can I make it working as flash?

I see there are a lot of limitations here. I can’t load a BG cue with slots disabled, and I can’t disable BG cue slot from cueslist (I got the idea to load at startup the BG cue with lights on, and toggle to disable the BG cue slot, so I can activate the light later. I should probably do reverse, like put in fixture default the activation, then the BG slot will contain the deactivation, and when I disable it it will go to default=activate). Too bad

I second the suggestion of giving M-PC a try. If you want to do advanced things, use advanced tools :wink:

M-PC is the evolution of Lightjockey, no point in complaining about a software that stopped in time many years ago.

It’s the same as complaining about missing features in Windows XP that you can find in Windows 10. :slight_smile:

Best regards,
Ricardo Dias

Thanks, I already bought in past license for Lighjockey and I’m not planning to spend more, by the time. I understand your suggestions in both optics of your businness and problem solving, I’m just asking a trick to solve the problem.

Is anyone so kind to answer my questions? Thank you a lot!

For you info, you don’t need to invest anything in M-PC…

LJ DMX USB boxes also work with M-PC, and will give up to 4 full DMX outputs (like LJ)

I’ll let some of the LJ experts, answering your other questions

Thank you! Waiting for kind answers :slight_smile:

LJ license also works for M-PC

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Anyone can help me kindly with the above questions? I report them here, thank you:

  1. BG cues can’t be transparent? ANy way to set them transparent?
  2. There is any script support (like checkDMX address, if data >128 then…)
  3. Any chance to load a BG cue with deactivate slots? In cue is possible.
  4. Any way to deactivate slots in BG from cuelist? Or execute/emulate hotkeys there?

Thank you

I can’t install Lightjockey because I upgraded my computers to Windows 10. None of the available downloads allow me to install, not even in compatibility mode. I don’t have a onekey. I purchased my Martin gear before the Onekey program. Some day I would like to get all that but there is no need to explain, except for your questions.

But based on memory from two or three years ago, and yes I do highly recommend switching to M-PC, here:

  1. If I remember correctly, BG cues can be set to transparent. Maybe it’s a right click.
  2. You can load executable files, even to LJ Manager, if I remember correctly, from the Cuelists section.
  3. There is a workaround for this. It’s called a dummy or blank sequence. Simply do nothing and record it as a sequence. Give it a name, like “dummy”, “blank”, or “clear slot”. Then drop that sequence into any slot(s), whether a Cue or BG Cue and save it.
  4. I don’t remember but it would be in the list in LJ Faders commands. There are two places within LJ to look for commands like that, maybe even in LJ Manager. Click on the icons and read through the lists.

By the way, the first gig I used M-PC on was a flop, literally. The wind blew the partition walls down on my FOH postion and I inadvertently pushed the spacebar. I hadn’t yet familiarized myself with the Active Cuelists and was slow to figure out what Cuelist was going haywire as the walls were falling down. It was the afterparty of a wedding. I still have no idea what the client thought. Anyways, live and learn.

Good luck,

Best regards


I’m running LJ (both 2.95 & latest 2.11) on Windows 10, with no issues, regardless of One-Key (One-Key does not affect installing or running LJ at, all, it only permits DMX output)…

Thak you truthcollins for the kind reply :slight_smile:
I’m not sure you got it right, I’m replying you:

  1. there is no settings in the menu of BG cue, onli in cue one, when I load a BG with empty slots the previous BG is completely gone. Maybe in 2.11 this was implemented?
  2. How can I use executable files to interact with LJ? I would need something able to make a control of DMX output for example (I think easier) and depending on it load a cue or another one… it sounds more a script then an .exe file. To try to save slots a control of what is happening will give a chance.
  3. Dummy “blank” sequence doesn’t help to deactivate the slot. Since I can use the 2532 panel to toggle a BG slot on off… I’m looking for a way to force a slot off when I start the program… but if I save a BG with slot deactivated and I load it again it won’t deactivate it again. It works only in cue. Blank sequences are useful for me only in cue when I want avoid a trasparent slot.
  4. As I found, the only way to execute “functions” (like for example deactivate a BG slot) is under 2532 panel, no other ways. If there is, where?

Thank you a lot, at least you trying helping me! :slight_smile:

Hey Barabba,

  1. Thinking back again, I remember one of them being a a check mark in the save dialogue. If I can get it installed I will look.

  2. Then that would involve development, for which there are examples files online. I never tried that. Here is the link which I have bookmarked for Light Jockey downloads.

3 & 4) I mustn’t have read your question close enough but it will still half work to clear the slot if you can figure out how to make it transparent. To clear slot 1, save the BG cue with only slot one filled with the “dummy” sequence.

FYI, I haven’t used the 2532 panel since using it with the predecessor of Light Jockey, the 3032 or something like that, with a CRT monitor built into a road case around 1999. But I have used MIDI controllers to do similar things since.

Hey Ofer,

There isn’t even a download link for Light Jockey 2 on the Martin website. A brochures and Images link are shown. I had to go fishing through bookmarks, Facebook, the forum, etc., to find the link to the download section for Light Jockey.

This is the link I downloaded from. I tried both.

This looks like an executive decision. That June 16 file update appears to be the reason because I thought it was possible to install it before too.

best regards

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This topic is great! Thank you a lot truthcollins for your tip… yes yes there is an option to save the BG as transparent (!!!) and I didn’t notice it before, poor me!
So yes… in this way I’ve 5 slots more to use as cue, and this fulfill all other requests. I guess I solved everything.

I’ve now questions about the latest version 2.110…

  1. worth to install over 2.95? Bug fixed?
  2. I see 2.110 has ONEKEY, what is this? Is this useful?
  3. I see two variants: SetupMartinLightJockey 2.110.2.exe of 269.3 MB and SetupMartinLightJockey_2.110.1.exe of 139.8 MB. Which is the difference between them and which one I’ve to use?

Thank you a lot!

The equivalent of slots in M-PC is the priority level set for each Cuelist, of which there are types. Instead of 12 & 5 slots there are 100 levels of priority.

truthcollins, you’re absolutely right about the installers. I noticed the same thing recently, as I also remember being able to install whatever I wanted on whichever computer I wanted (the only limitation was which drivers were available for each hardware). Somebody must have thought they could drum up a few more sales by being more restrictive…

Here’s a link to v2.95.1 (pre-One-Key hardware) that I’ve had for quite a while, and should let you install it anywhere. Let me know how that works out for you, as I have others as well (I have just about every version of LJ that ever existed).

Thanks LB1. Yes, that installed fine on Windows 10 64bit.