LightJockey won't recognize USB on Windows 10

Light jockey will not recognize the USB which I believe happened recently due to a Windows 10 update?

Still works on my old Sony windows 7 laptop and a hp desktop windows 7.

I get two red leds on left and one green on right…sometimes…or two green leds on left and red on right…

Any thoughts?

It got me in the middle of a show. 4 other clubs I take care of. I got lucky. Rebooted many times and moved usb to different ports

Received 3 more calls tonight. Light Jockeys down all over the country. And no one’s talking about it.

Removed update KB4483234 from 12/20/2018 on my Dell laptop. Now its working. Will test on a couple more desktops later today…ugh…
See how it goes…

Today we’re getting two Amber’s and then a red. I spent all day programming the fixtures and when the show started I could not get them to work after a quick restart. it said DMX is being sent and all the hardware was recognized and everything looked good. This is not good :frowning:

Thanks for the reports, we looked into this and indeed one of the latest Win 10 updates caused an issue.
It is being investigated and a first fix was tested successfully. I’ll try to post a revised installer some point next week that will also include support for the new LJ Keys that will ship with Elation’s rebranded LJ Kit starting in January.

It’s Nye, this such bad timing. Thank you for working on it.

On January 2 my M-DMX stop working with LJ I have 2 red lights and one green and I can’t make it to work no matter what I didn’t do anything different just open the program and nothing I’m trying to make it work since that day with no luck I have to use and old interface with window 7 to operate the club but I have to make the new one works it only has 3 months since I bought it.Any help will be extremely appreciated thanks

A new version was build to correct this.
You can download it on the product page