LLRP(Low Level Recovery Protocol) issue : Wrong Component _Type


While testing LLRP (part of RDMNet) with an EN12 we noticed that you return for Component-Type 0x03 .
It is incorrect and it is processed as Unknown (Wireshark - RDMNet dissector).
You should return either 0x00F for a full RDM device which is not the case I believe but rather 0xFF for Device RDM compatible with only LLRP implemented.
It is not a big deal so far as very few LLRP implementation is around but worth telling.
In Obsidian iighting desk do you have an LLRP controller?

Thanks! We will review and correct it.
We use LLRP in this tool:

NETRON Central Utility - Beta 4 - NETRON - Obsidian Control Systems


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Thank you Matthias.
I tested Netron Central Utility and it discovered our fixture without anyproblem.
Identify works as well.

I have to go a bit deeper but it is a very good LLRP tool.
I will report if I see anything .