martin duo dmx not recognised by ONYX 4.2

Is there a firmware update that i need to do to my DMX DUO box so that Onyx can see it?


I’ve never used the DMX DUO box, but from what I can tell the firmware should be included in the download package of the ONYX software. Is this being used with a PC or to extend outputs of a console? Can you verify which ONYX 4.2 you are trying with? If a PC can you check your PC windows version.

Here is a link describing compatibility and drivers, if that doesn’t help. Maybe @Jingles can help. He is supporting some of the older hardware / Light Jockey. And lastly, it could be possible that it is at the end of life for the unit.
Hope this helps (what little it is),


Tengo una caja usb duo no reconoce onyx

Me pueden ayudar ?

Hola-- puede mandar una foto o decirme, si es metalica la caja o plastico, y de que color es?