Netron Suggestions

We are compiling a list of improvements we like to add to the Netron devices as we continue to develop the firmware and web pages.

Please let us know some items you’d like to see improved, find missing as an important feature or any bugs you came across.
Any suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

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it would be nice if there was a switch as part of the Netron line


We have already installed over 30 nodes and are absolutely thrilled with the range of functions.

It would be an absolute game changer feature if you can access RDM via the web interface (iPad), i.e. read out and manage values.


1/ A calendar to leave EN4/EN12 alone with some CUEs with trigger on hour/date/month/
2/ About WEB remote: No Load a Web inside ENXX but yes with option to trigger Cue using a command like: CUEXX On, CUEXX Off. Channel XXX @ XXX value…

The nodes do not have a clock or battery, so we can’t time based triggers

Hey Dev Team,

I believe I saw that a software management package was in the works for systems that had more than one node. Would it be possible if the consoles / ONYX PC’s could have that incorporated into them also. Especially with the new 4.6 License announcement.



Once the management software is completed we will see how/if it can be accessed from within Onyx.

Some customers ask me about this red frame in blue active universes

this “error” isn’t clear on User Manual,
Look red frame with black box, say error.
Look blue box say DMX out
But not the mix.

Red outline means the IP traffic stopped sending.
Blue background means the port is still sending DMX signal.

The combination of the two happens when IP traffic stops but e.g. a cue is sending out or Hold last Look option ensures DMX is still sending.

@Matthias ,

We’ve talked about how to take a Netron node on a sACN network to output DMX. Bring the outputted DMX back in on another port as DMX in. Then take the DMX in and resend it as Art-net out on a third port. However this is still on a DMX line if I recall correctly.

What I’d be interested in, is a Netron EtherDMX protocol converter. Similar to the Doug Fleenor E2E, but for a single universe. So I can take a network cable off my switch running sACN plug into the converter and have to it convert the sACN to Art-Net and plug that into my dedicated device that only accepts art-net at the moment. (Yes I’m pushing them to add sACN) but it’s a slow process).

I understand that I can output both from the console, but I would prefer to keep my sACN network traffic clean.


Thanks in advance,


No this is not possible really. Send the Artnet universes you need from the desk at the same time as sACN.

would it be possible to get RDM-forwarding in the Splitter-function?
Normally, I am using my EP4 as a sACN-Node with a custom IP. After having switched to the Splitter preset, I am not able to adress the web page anymore. I know the manual says it has the IP 2.x.x.x (I supposed it would be, so I changed the IP adress of the connected laptop. But there was no connection. I had to reset it for using it as sACN-Node again. Am I doing something wron?

2 Requests based around DMX wall stations. We like to recommend simple DMX wall stations like the Doug Fleenor Preset 10 or Springtree SM-8 to users.

It would be really great if we could set up our presets so each preset on the wall stations called a single DMX channel at full (i.e. 8 buttons = DMX channels 1-8), and then in netron, set those DMX channels to trigger cues - BUT - only as “backup” to the primary Art-Net or sACN feed. As of right now, if we set this up, the wall station takes over the console output - not what we intended. This would give us the option to trigger cues with multiple universes (and across multiple netron nodes) from a simple DMX wall station.

#2 - If Netron built a well-priced wall station that could program to the netron cues and trigger them from the nodes, that would be awesome.

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Some form of hardware manager/Network selector. Similar to the TMB unit would be great! ProPlex GBS Ethernet Network Selector — ProPlex
Would also love some way to trigger cues on all Netron nodes in the system simultaneously. Currently working on ideas for an sACN rack for festival situations that is console agnostic, The only feature I’m missing is being able to trigger a worklight cue and “evac” cue without the console attached. While the built in cue functionality within the individual hardware pieces is a great start it’s a bit clunky on a festival where I am running 32-48 outputs.

I understand that I can output both from the console, but I would prefer to keep my sACN network traffic clean.

We like to recommend simple DMX wall stations like the Doug Fleenor Preset 10 or Springtree SM-8 to users..


Being able to access the RDM data would be awesome. Please consider adding this.

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Please fully implement RDMnet (E1.33) on Netron devices.

Adding RDMnet would improve interoperability with third-party products like consoles and management software and make the devices future-proof as RDMnet is an emerging independent standard.

In particular, some installations in my area are heavily ETC based and are using Netron gateways due to material shortages for ETC gateways. The personal working in these installations would like to use concert to configure their RDM fixtures since they are used to this tool and it integrates seamlessly into their other equipment. Concert is capable of RDMnet (unlike Art-Net 4), adding RDMnet to Netron Gateways would greatly improve their workflow and overall situation.



ns8 :smiley: