NXP Playback/Function buttons Disabled when wing ID set to any other than 0

I’m reposting this here as I believe it’s a bug in some of the newer releases and I can confirm this issue on build 4.8.1240 as well as the new beta 4.9.1248, I have reverted back to build 4.8.1237 as they work as expected in that build. I have not tested build 1238 or 1239.

the problem is that the 10 buttons on the right side of the NXP (the playback/function buttons) become non-responsive if I set that wing ID to anything other than 0, at the same time neither of the blue leds that indicate whether those buttons are in play or function mode will illuminate.


I believe this was a confirmed bug that is fixed for the next release. You actually posted in the beta channel about this issue. The development team had addressed it earlier in the thread.

Hope this helps,


Thank you for the response, I look forward to the next release.