Onyx 4.3.1177 hangs at Starting Live Output

Just installed 4.3.1177, hanging at “Starting Live Output” with an error dialog box behind the splash screen that says:

DAX Error

SHAREDMEM TSharedmemory.create [a] handle error 5 Global\Onyx.DMXUniversesInfo.sharemem origin unknown

Checking Windows Event Viewer there are two events on Onyx start:

Warning - MsiInstaller - EventID 1001

Detection of product ‘{26E9BB4B-3842-4A08-9D10-1F5F618AD5EC}’, feature ‘Maxxyz’ failed during request for component ‘{50686E10-13C9-4487-965B-7921C38EF08A}’

Information - OnyxMemoryManager - Event ID 0

The description for Event ID 0 from source OnyxMemoryManager cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.

If the event originated on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event.

*The following information was included with the event: *

Extended handler is registered

Windows 10 Home (1903)

Got the same, but not at the first launch, from the second launch of Onyx:

Onyx-01-SharedMEM Onyx-02-SharedMEM

But, after validated these 2 errors, launching the show, closing Onyx, then at restart no more errors but not DMX output (through arnet).

So closing Onyx, relaunch, error appears again, but now artnet output is ok

If this happens at the second launch, it means the previous one didn’t close completely. We’re still looking at such issues, but meanwhile you could use the HaltOnyx script (in Program Files\Obsidian Control Systems\Onyx) or reboot between launches.

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I did reboot before to post issue there.

I will retry tonight with the halt onyx first.

Thanks for your feedback


this appears to be the same problem as reported in the “Beta Got Stuck” thread. Could you try the following:

Let us know if that fixes the problem, and please confirm from which version you updated to the beta.

OK have just tried the suggested uninstall/install1057/uninstall/installBETA sequence - doing a reboot between each stage. No luck I’m afraid, still hanging on “Starting LIVE output”. DAX Error box is coming up on first Onyx start.

Same errors coming up in event viewer too.

Original Onyx version I was attempting to upgrade from was 4.2.1045.0

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Hmm, if I OK the DAX Error box I now a second DAX Error box with:

SHAREDMEM TSharedmemory.create [a] handle error 5 Global\Onyx.InternalTimer.sharemem origin CuelistUI

If I then OK that get the main Onyx start screen (New/Load/Join/Continue), whatever choice I go for it gets stuck with Loading/Optimizing Show Data.

DAX errors will not appear if the install is correct, so there is some old files left after an uninstall. Please check your program files folder and registry if you are familiar with such tasks?

As indicated on the other thread, I suspect it’s an even older installation that left things behind. Could I have a TeamViewer (or something familiar) session to your (or anyone else’s facing the same problem) system? Hopefully I can determine a specific version so I could put out a generic note.

So, I identified a previous 3.71.* or 3.72.* M-PC install may cause leftovers that prohibit the latest beta from working. Here’s an adjusted procedure for trying to make it work: