ONYX Beta 1200

You still have this problem? If so, please download and run anydesk.com and PM me your id

Can we add a store “generator section in palettes” so we have everything as presets ?

Can you add a select fixtures in zone button ,so any fixture in that zone will be selected!

Having issues when importing big projects in this case there are 76 universes ,so the" 2d plan" is not created at all !meanwhile patch is perfectly working and also Capture is.

The 2d plan imported from Capture is taken from witch view?
The top is taken from beta or gamma?
The front view is taken from beta or gamma?
can you please let me know thank you!

In latest beta: imported patch from capture won’t take updates done in the console.
I had 6 Nitro510c in capture and realized that I needed 7. I went ahead and add it in capture and tried to manually patch it in Onyx to no avail. I tried importing all seven nitros from capture via citp, it “delete” them from the patch. I unplugged capture from network, re did the patch and still nothing. Reboot the console and voila, there they were.

Ok just playing around with the new version, the thing that I find a bit uncontrolable is the “pan tilt” used with dylos!
I suppose that maybe more controlls are needed, so we need a better slow down feature, then for sure how to make the “1 preset” go to it’s end and how to make the" 2 preset " go to it’s end correctly.
Currently I think it’s a bit weird can you give me some suggestions?
I know that slowing down the dylos should help but no so nice with pan tilt .
Or do I need to use a different type of generator? currently it’s not so comfortable .

is there a tutorial video out there at the moment, about
the 1, 2 preset stuff in the new dylos beta?



Please I think it’s a bit neccessary to have different icons in the 2d plan can we import them via CITP from Capture? otherwise just a wash a spot a fresnel an etc source four so they are recognizable immediatly!

Ok currently i Need to understand something on zone,so each zone how many presets can contain ?
So let’s suppose I want to use 2 presets for Pan tilt ,2 for zoom,2 for colours in only 1 zone Is It possibile?

I’ve been using 2 preset mode with one prest for PT and one for dimmer. It fluctuates between default values and the selected preset.

In the beta version I would expand the preset not only to 2 but 4 or 6 bacause in this way we can sync a lot of stuff together .
So we can deal with more parameters inside the generators.

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To deal with more parameters inside the generators, you don’t actually need different preset(-pair)s. Although we suggest preset categories like “Intensity”, “Color”, … with corresponding parameter filters when recording to aid with organizing them, it is not a limitation: any preset can contain values for any parameter. The engine will apply to any parameter defined in the preset(s) referenced.

Thanx Gert got it !
Posting some videos = )

IN GENERATORS can you add a “v” this would be a cool one to have, also one with a single line ,one with a single square etc…

I am finding on the last beta version that when I slow down to much generators it starts trembeling! can you fix that or give me some suggestions!

Shortcut on pc "CTRL +L " 2 times doesn’t load defaul values can you fix this? or does it only work for load only?

I join the request for the icons in the 2D please please :grin::grin:

And the other stuff. Can you add a bounce option in the generators, ?

and guys are doing a great job with dylos this latest beta is just A W E S O N E, but please don’t forget some things we’ve been waiting for for a long time (like a auto-universal presets, new windows like a programmer, cuelist etc, merge show etc) :pray::pray:


In the Media Loop can you add a stop at the end? so users have like a one shot thing!

Hi to all in the future can all our onyx zone source mapping settings be stored as a palette?
Because it could be very handy to have it working like this!

Onyx export patch sheets for capture.
Can you think on changing "XML " into “CSV” so we might be able to Import also only the patch in Capture?
otherwise give us 2 options or this or that when we export!

the download for the New content package
keeps broken after downloading a gigabyte