ONYX Beta 1204 - New AtlaBase Library

Dylos related don’t really know where to post this !
So just a question how far is dylos looking at what it is today to be also a Media Server? I mean it already looks like that so what can you tell me about it?
Thanx = )

We don’t stream DMX data out via CITP, only Art-Net and sACN

hello, just for understanding, the parameterdata sent to capture via citp are special filtered, so not all dmx out data from onyx goes to capture via citp, only data which are patched in onyx?



We don’t semd any dmx out via CITP, not even when patched in Onyx…

CORRECTION: we do send CITP for the licensed universes, but at that stage the DMX IN (merged) data indeed is not available, nor is it for the 2D rendering

You actually can click on the suggested type, which opens the library browser and there you can turn on the virtual dimmer.