ONYX Beta 1206

Please recheck all libraries well in advance before using any 4.5 version on a show. The changes are substantial and some libraries will have bugs or cause delays or hangups in ONYX.
During the beta phase the user can not assume that the library is available or fully functional, it needs to be verified. We appreciate everyone’s help to find bugs andreport any fixture profiles issues.

Report all library issues to
Fixture Library (4.6 Preview)

This version fixes some reported bugs Also the Generic Fixture Libraries are re-added and sorted into multiple categories. Some minor cleanup items remain for the Generics.

DOWNLOAD Content File with new Color Pallets

		Release Notes for Onyx
	(C) 2018-2021 - Obsidian Control Systems

4.5.1206 (03/02/2021)

Added current universe fixture filter in patch
Improved Art-Net and sACN input options
Improved orientation of fixtures on Capture import
Fixed first fixture in patch not having its opacity mapped correctly
Fixed fixture selection focus for multi-part fixtures without a main part
Fixed LOAD+LOAD using keyboard shortcut
Fixed copying between types of Fixture Groups
Fixed playback fader (1-10) LEDs on M-Touch, NX Touch while not in “Play” mode
Fixes for fixture type search
Additional fixes for applying additive color FX macros
Various fixes and improvements

4.5.1205 (18/01/2021)

Added DyLOS mirror effect
Added DyLOS tunnel effect
Added framing and iris to DyLOS zone slot
Added DyLOS frame blending
Continous/loop improvements on DyLOS
Installer improvements to avoid SQL-related errors in uninstall of 4.5.1205 builds and later
Fixed fixture rotation on 2D plan being ignored for pixel mapping
Fixed pixel mapping to ignore master parameters specifically
Fixed importing AtlaBase parameter group assignment into new show
Fixed applying additive color FX macros
Fixed error popup in selected cuelist view when using keyboard shortcut to delete cues
Fixed saving types in library editor
Various fixes and improvements

4.5.1204 (24/12/2020)

This version introduces a new fixture libary format, provided by the new libary partner AtlaBase. This library includes almost 50.000 fixture profiles
Please review all required fixtures carefully and request missing fixtures and report errors, wrong defaults etc on the new fixture request page for Version 4.6
Existing fixtures will remain in the showfile but can be replaced using the “Exchange” function in the patch menu.
User fixtures and the Library Editor are not affected and remain available.
This library is only availble for Version 4.5 and higher. Previous 4.2 console versions will receive an update to enable support for the new library.
Until release both library systems remain actively supported.

New fixture library format

Daily update of new library package on Obsidiancontrol.com
Single file library package (no longer an installation)
Faster software install, bootup, library udpates
Update libary from System Menu /Tools/Maintenance 
Library data is perfectly syncronized with Capture fixtures, allowing for easy import of the patch over CITP
Revised Parameter Defaults and Snap Rules(e.g.additive LED fixtures now have all colors defaulted to 100%)
-> this can affect existing programming and cues and presets must be adjusted if needed.
Enhanced real world values (e.g. Zoom Ranges, Shutter Speeds, Framing Blade Angles)
Improved Parameter names and feature descriptions
Enhanced gobo and effects bitmaps, color buttons for CTC and Color Wheel Selections

Completed 3-preset pixel mapping mode and opacity mapping modes - BREAKING changes for existing shows using this feature
Added new parameters for new DyLOS effects and generators
Programmer and cuelist values panels can now be placed more than once
DyLOS manual values and origin are now shown in live output
DyLOS zones slots can now be expanded/collapsed in Fixture Center
Improved responsiveness of OSC playback page actions and fixed OSC refreshes
Improved 2D plan performance and responsiveness
Various fixes and improvements

4.5.1203 (19/11/2020)

DyLOS values are now shown in live output (origin indication pending)
Improved 2D plan performance and responsiveness for large fixture sets
Increased maximal cue comment size
Added LTC audio input level control for Obsidian timecode boards
Fixed optimizing show files (removing fixtures that had been marked for deletion)
Fixed placing multi-part fixtures on 2D plan
Minor fixes and improvements

4.5.1202 (29/10/2020)

Improved Onyx startup sequence, should eliminate startup errors
Fixed highlight
Fixed DyLOS folder selection
Minor fixes and improvements

4.5.1201 (21/10/2020)

Added 3-preset pixel mapping mode and opacity mapping modes
Fixed application window lags while moving on some systems
Fixed 2D plan orientation pulled in from Capture 3D positions
Minor fixes and improvements

4.5.1200 (21/09/2020)

DyLOS can now apply pixel mapping between presets (for any fixture parameter programmed in the presets)
Added DyLOS generators:
- Patterns: Plasma, Voronoi
- 2D Shapes: Bouncing Balls, Bouncing Shapes, Meta-balls, Floweroid
- Nature: Fire, Steam
Added color palettes to Dylos (First row of 256 pixels in PNG image are used to map - generator output - intensity levels to indexed colors)
CITP integration pulls in 3D positions to compose a top and front 2D plan of the stage (layer per fixture type)
Added options menu to zone composer
Weight modes allow for selecting “Zone Intensity” (default, backward compatible, LTP) and the newer “Manual Weight” (which has improved)
Updated NX Remote app
Updated OS image to latest feature build
Improved CMY mapping to favor intensity channel to color saturation channels (to limit color flag usage and to avoid non-pure blacks)
For networking, occurences of “Master” have been replaced with “Primary” and “Slave” with “Secondary”
Fixed playback status redraw issue when returning from patch
Fixed value changes in DyLOS zone composer not being synchronized over the network
Fixed M-Play bank issues
Fixes for touch and 2D plan selection

4.5.1199 (30/07/2020)

Replaced LTP with programmable weight control between direct and pixel mapped programming

4.5.1198 (24/07/2020)

Enabled Art-Net on any (sub)net and updated network configuration accordingly
Added support for stVisual style so Visualizers always - also when utilizing Unicast - receive licensed Art-Net data
Added patch options for excluding fixtures from GM, SWOP, remote programming and for rotating bars and panels at DMX address level
Added option to turn off smart grid ordering of fixtures in FixtureCenter
Completed plug-in framework for DyLOS generators and effects
Full software and hardware support for flipping playback faders 1-10 with 11-20
Fixed zone selection indication in programmer
Fixed “push to all” not refreshing on virtual playback panel
Fixed back button freezing on “Follow 0s” cues

4.5.1197 (10/07/2020)

Added DEFAULT command to put default values in programmer
Improved P/T Combo handling
MSD (CITP) integration fixes and improvements
Fixed joining shows
Fixed popups appearing multiple times at startup
Fixed multiple conditional channels not toggling (for example, Frost disabling 2 prisms on ADJ Focus Beam LED)

4.5.1195 (08/06/2020)

Added MSD (CITP) integration
Fixed deselecting fixture in Capture not deselecting in Onyx
Fixed focusing inconsistencies with Capture for P/T inverted/swapped fixtures
Fixed IP address and numeric up/down entry issues

4.5.1194 (02/06/2020)

Added Capture (CITP) integration (patch, selection, parameter sync)
Added import of patch (exported from another Onyx show file)
Added sACN priority configuration
Fixed network handling in ConsoleTester

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Can you check Please:
Proteus Hybrid Basic .
Rayzor 760 Primary .
I have imported a show from Capture to an Onyx new show and these fixtures seem not to work I am not able to see intensity ,maybe little library issues, I am using Capture 2021.

sometimes this error pops up:

tried to find out what exactly triggers it but so far no idea. Onyx didn’t crash, just pressing “weiter” makes it go away

Showfile is the one from the Dylos Webinar

hello, how could you use a software which would release in next march? our informations from capture website says that we have to wait till march! have we lost something?



hello, we have to ask another time.
should cameo pixbar 600 pro work with dylos?
or should we have to go for chamsys for this fixtures?
our costumer want pixel on his 34 devices!
so please, we want give onyx a try in this competition , but we spend now more than a week with this, and the research budget is nearly gone.
or, can you tell us another fixture with master intensity, which we can compare?
so we just want to know if there are combined fixture with master intensity, we can try, and show our costumer that it is a problem with this particular device.



…every generic pix bar/ led batten without dimmer works in capture, for us.
so is there anybody out there who is checked out how do multipart fixtures with dimmer work with dylos?



just tried with Chauvet ColorRail IRC in 26 channel mode and it works in real life I do not have capture so can not test virtually

what you need to do is bring up the master intensity of the fixtures then bring up the intensity of the Dylos zone

Ok little enhancement if possible can you add scroll bars when windows are a bit reduced so we don’t need to enlarge but only drag?
Thanx = )

hello, thank you, indeed the chauvet colorail irc is working as we think it have to be. in capture we can see the moving pixels from dylos when the zone is on 100 and the intensity of the fixture is 100. but in all other fixtures we testet, we can only see full intensity goes over the dylos info and the animation is overlayed from the full intensity.
please dear developer and marketing people, what is the magic on the chauvet fixtures?






…uploaded a zip with showfile and capture file…
to the upload link…

So you only look at capture and don’t have the actual fixture?

How can I install the beta on an M1HD? Is there an OS install for the beta? I tried using the console update under tools (currently on 4.4.1193) to try to install it, the console loaded the file from the USB drive and rebooted but it remains on 4.4.x


hello. we have 34 of the cameos in store at the moment, and tested maybe 10 of them physically.
we have tested the chauvet only on capture.



…but “matt” wrote he has tested the chauvets in real life, the physical output of the pixbar 600 pro match 100% in capture and on our stage.


we testet also the elation 7batten, david used in the webinar capture file, they behave exactly like the cameo, nothing till rise the master intensity, and only a bit of motion under the full brightness if on 100%.



Looking at your video the reason you see this result its that the fixture is RGB + White + Amber.
Dylos only affects RGB, never white or amber. Dial AW down to 0% so the RGB effects work. White and Amber are 100% by default, so the Dylos effects on RGB don’t really show.

The Chauvet fixture is RGB only, so Dylos will set it to a 0% output during blacks.

if you prefer you can set the default values for RGBAW to all 0% Default Preset (obsidiancontrol.com)

I actually don’t see anything “wrong” it all works as designed. Any channels outside RGB have to be set to 0% by the user to allow DYLOS to work properly.

thank you very much, works in capture.
we hope and will see tomorrow if also in real live, if so you rescue our ass .

but, we have the next BIG problem in our friendship with onyx.
have you any reports about problems with amd graphic hardware?
we see different results in dylos, with different graphic cards!!
on nvidia gtx 1080, 1060 all ok,
on amd vega hyprid in a nuc hades, there are some glitches in view of dylos zone, other windows windows, e.g. desktopview with all folders,
and there is no fixture respond on dylos 2d plan.
so we know not everything about dylos yet, but we see that there is a different behavior on different hardware,
BUT not allways.
we try tomorrow again,
please let us know if there similar problems reported.



This isnt AMD specific but a missing DirectX install.

Uninstall ONYX, reboot.
Install Direct X package https://files.obsidiancontrol.com/s/ZedAjLKT7ddFFMA
Reinstall ONYX