ONYX Beta 1212

This is intended to be the last beta. Future builds will be release candidates with bug fixes only that also will contain the announced License changes.

The main new feature are color palette generator which allows amazing colorFX using Dylos Generators or Media playback. Simply edit an empty User Color Palette and try it out!

The version contains the latest AtlaBase library and some development from ONYX to correct warnings for certain fixture types (e.g. Tilt Bars)

Thanks for all the beta reports, now is the time to really check every function and report issues below. The more details the better, attach example shows and pictures if possible. If it was previously reported and not fixed, please report again specifically in this topic.

Library related items please continue to always install the latest daily version and fill in the report form if needed:

Fixture Library (4.6 Preview) (obsidiancontrol.com)

4.5.1212 (16/04/2021)

Added color palette generator/editor
Added fixture type filter to programmer and cue values panels; fixes and improvements
Added Art-Net/sACN source IP input filtering
Added DyLOS thumbnail feedback options
Library conversion improvements allow for more fixture types to be added to a show file again
Fixed UPDATE+UPDATE to referenced preset(s) not updating cue values
Fixed cleaning faulty fixture types from show files, preventing adding fixtures when type was fixed
Fixed DyLOS generator animation
Fixed DyLOS opacity mapping
DyLOS Framing and Iris will now follow opacity mapping (indicated using hatching pattern)
Various fixed and improvements


sorry. but did you fix the cue following by first trigger, on a xnet show on backup console?



Looking at our bug list this is reported but not yet resolved.[quote=“deflost, post:2, topic:6674, full:true”]
sorry. but did you fix the cue following by first trigger, on a xnet show on backup console?



thank you, if this is done, my boss is buying another licenze… .



hello, is ltc timecode out now available on nx wing xlr out, if ltc is receiving on xlr input?



…is there a progress in getting the yellow line moving around the base value, when using fx with dylos?



…if we change the order of dyloszones in dylos view, the zones getting not updated till change to another view and back!!!



Can we “safe” our zone settings anywhere like in a preset or something? Most of my fx createt with preset mapping use the same or very similar generator settings and always recreating them takes a lot of time

…we tryed it a lot, it seems to work in some conditions, but not allways …


You should be able to record all the fenerator and 2 preset mapping settings to a preset. make sure you have your Source and Mapping zone selected, then hit record and select all parameter groups that you changed and tap a preset where you want it saved.

For example after getting the settings i like i would tap record then select Intenity, Gobo, and BeamFX then record that to a color preset.

when I have a cue with a delay time like 0>0.3>0 and want to edit that time in the selected cuelist view (for example to 1>2>1) it shows 0>154h (or something like that) for a fraction of a second and then completely removes the delay time

Edit: if I change the delay time to 1>2 it shows the change and behaves like the delay time is 1>2>1.
This happens if the delay time is chosen for a single parameter and if the delay is for the whole fixture.

Btw, it would be nice if all the ovveride delay and fade times would be shown in the selected cuelist view

hmm, that did not work for me, would be awesome if we get a new dylos pool similar to the fx pool. My goal is to safe every part of a zone and be able to also apply that to other zones not in the preset

oh interesting. You made sure to record the preset while the parameter letters in the dylos zone are red right?

and yeah that would actually be an awesome feature to have. having a global pool of presets for dylos would be an awesome feature

Timecode output port is there for future development. Its been in all consoles since Maxxyz but its never been utilized. There are no specific plans for it at this point.

was this type of speed encoder removed for dylos?

The animation level speed control is not always precies enough to match with song bpm. The old one gave a rough ballpark on what value to use, because there is no tap to bpm

…beatcontrol for dylos is absolutly nessacerry.
we have to get the chance to convert the video length and framecount to bpm based loops.
and then control this by a simple Button,
which is able to be controlled by other data types.



the grouping tool pop-up via f-keys is broken. Most of the time it flashes open and then closes. Only sometimes it stays open.
Afaik the other pop-ups work all the time

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Noticed this in 1211 (not sure what version it started, just noticed it then), and still occurring in 1212.

The cue number shown in the heading of the Selected Cuelist window doesn’t seem to update correctly while moving through the cuelist (forward, back, snap or not, etc.). The cue number at the top of the main window stays accurate, but not the one in the Selected Cuelist window.

From what I can tell, when I’ve verified it, the cue values shown in the Selected Cuelist window have been for the correct cue - it looks like it’s just the number in the header that is incorrect.

See it in this video: https://youtu.be/Zp06YAY3fB4

Cues in the Cuelist Archive window do not sort by cue number properly. (Don’t know when this started, just noticed it in 1212.) See attached screenshots.

Are the cues ordered correct after restoring it?