ONYX Beta 4.9.1249

Please update to the latest beta and review the improvements outlined below

4.9.1249 (23/02/2023)

Notice: loading show files created with the previous beta (4.9.1248) will require to re-select audio input channels and/or turn NDI devices off and back on if they are used by input processors

Added beat detection sync into media playhead and chase playback (beat triggers, next to global)
Fixes and improvements to input processor workflow
Fixes and improvements to audio input processors
Allow P/T values in highlight/lowlight presets
Default values view will only show changed values
Aspect ratio improvments (covering masks)
Aspect ratio fixes for still images, rotation and scaling
Fixed live thumbnails not always rendered correctly
Fixed “non-selected fixtures” option on CLEAR being ignored when no fixtures are selected
Fixed playback fader buttons 11-20 and F-keys not working on NX-P when its Wing ID is not zero

4.9.1248 (13/01/2023)

Added aspect ratio control
Added multi-select for audio input channels
Added output override feedback to live output
Improved DyLOS input processor management
Improved DYLOS input processors’ accuracy
Improved parameter-level parking
Improved default value editing

4.9.1246 (19/08/2022)

Added input processors to DyLOS for converting external inputs into modulators (triggers pending)

  • added video and palette input processor (NDI; aspect ratio channel/parameter not bound yet)
  • added audio input, filter and analyzer processors (NDI, ASIO; multi-select audio channels pending)

Added output overrides as special presets that are edited in dedicated programmer context (“copy from” to start from regular presets pending)

  • added parameter-level parking (value feedback in parameter panel still being tuned)
  • added channel-level offsets
  • improved default value editing (clear doesn’t work yet from popup for input processors, feedback for default editing still being tuned)
  • improved highlight/lowlight editing

Same issue I was having on 1248. The NDI source can be seen in the preview. But will not show up when mapped to a source.

Update to this. I tried another input from an NDI scan converter and it worked without any issues. However, the Resloume NDI output still shows in the preview but not in DYLOS. Picture attached.

What version of Resolume are you running?


Sofware soft lock (freeze) when a beat detector select as input beat divider

every time i relunch the software and go see my dylos input. the app freezes
(unable to undo mistake unless you load back old file)

Great. Now the audio input actually works for me. Would someone mind sharing a tutorial or examples for how the audio input can be used?

I basically got a white pulse / flash and can color that flash but it’s all the same color. The audio beat detector doesn’t appear to affect the Dylos parameters, such as speed, gobo spin, etc. how do you assign the audio input to individual parameters?

For example, the External FFT setting in Resolume, as you may be aware, is an option next to each usable parameter. This approach seems quite different. I would rather be able to assign the audio input to any given parameter. Imagining that the devlopment phase of the audio is still in prototype.

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How-to make a new default value? When setting a fixture to a default value, record it to … default … ?? But now? A new screen with all fixtures is popping up, but I cannot record my default values ? A known issue? Thanks for an answer :+1:

I found it myself. Another way than before. (no use of record anymore)
Open window “Default” > edit “on” > set the fixture parameters correct > edit “off”. Done.

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Not sure if this an Onyx issue or a Capture one. When trying to focus in Capture my lights do not at all go to where I am clicking. I introduced a Focus Plane thinking that may help but it does the same thing.

Some screen shots and a link to video of the issue:

(had to combine them into 1 upload because I’m new or something…)


Did some further testing. When I removed the offsets everything worked fine, put offsets back in and then the fixtures were not pointing at where I clicked. Definitely something wonky going on where controlling from Capture and a fixture has an offset applied in Onyx.

on 4.9 version why don’t you let me have the chance to be able to select and place more zones at once,so let’s suppose I have 5 zones with one shot,I do them all! for me it’s more confortable then placing them one at the time!

That should work fine in the next version.


Not sure if this was happening before. As you know, USB power saving is an issue due to Windows 11 settings and manufacturer customization. I have an HP Victus budget gaming laptop where the M-Touch will work fine for an hour or two, then it freezes. (The power savings are disabled in the Device Manager for each USB hub.) If I swap the USB connection with the other computer running Onyx, also with an M-Touch connected to it, and then it works. But not on the original computer. However, if I restart Onyx then the M-Touch works again. That means that if that M-Touch stops working then I need to switch Artnet to the backup computer, restart Onyx on that 1st computer and then the M-Touch will work again.

Another thing is that if I have Artnet enabled on two separate computers they artnet output seems to compete with each other, resulting in DMX data jumps & glitches in the output. What I’d like is for one one instance of Onyx to be given the DMX output priority and, in case of failure, for the backup to take over output. Naturally, it seems that Artnet output would need to be enabled on both computers in order for one to function as a backup. Is that possible and if so, how do you do that?

Hi to all ! Please can we make the RESET CIRCLE more larger so we can use a finger,and to be more precise can we add more lines internaly? THANX!

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Hello all!

Is anyone willing to share a quick explanation of the intended workflow for the new Highlight, Park and Default tools? I’ll be taking this build “out in the wild” on a show next week, and am not yet understanding how these functions should be working. Any guidance would be super appreciated!


Hi Gert need your help here! look at the picture and the command line,here I am using the GROUP “IF” feature,there is only one huge issue here ! I am in tracking mode, so if I press “GROUP” and then select “WHITE PRESET”,non of the fixture will be selected,and that’s normal because of the tracking information,because in this specific cue there are only positions information like, bass guitar etc… so the feature results in being “unuseful”! , but this feature is very useful when programing! Will there be some kind of change here? Or do you have some good workaround ?

Always the “Group if” feature,why can’t I select the 4 presets in pan tilt ?,like bass drums voice guitar ,that are in this cue at once? I mean press “GROUP IF” VOICE+GUIT+BASS+DRUMS enter and that’s it!

Apply on empty
Hi to all ,Please can we change the name into “ONLY FOR SELECTED”?
It makes a lot more sense to my opinion. THANK YOU!

Please, as a feature request:

I wish that the Dylos selection was somehow separateable from the regular fixture selection. Perhaps Dylos could automatically be deselected when you select fixtures from the regular groups. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally changed Dylos settings after choosing a group. I tend to accidentally bring the intensity of Dylos down because I grabbed a light and did that. The show is going, I change the Dylos source and then switch to the regular presets and forget that the Dylos zone was still selected.