ONYX Beta 4.9.1251

No. I did not uninstall the old (SQL 2012) version.

Did you happen to run the installer from the file explorer folder? I did the first time. But the second time I moved it to the desktop. Unfortunately I changed to many variables at once to get a good idea of what it might have been.

I’ll try to better track the progress on my other systems.


Maybe add a macro “trigger cuelist” with no cue Number? So people can think there might be a difference,or some kind of popup when using that macro? "IF you assign a cue etc… timecode stops… otherwise leave it blanck etc…

is there a way to link the bpm from a audio input processor beat detection via audio in, to a ableton link processor, so we can get the detected bpm to be master bpm in a ableton link session?
and is it possible to tap the master bpm to ableton link from onyx?

Is there a rough outline on how to use the audio feature?

Is it possible to successively do anything else with the layers with NDI or the audio trigger? I’d like to take the audio pulse of the strobe from Resoume or the Audio Beat in Onyx and still be able to use the Source, Effect 1. For example, in Dylos it takes over everything, although I am able to apply color to it. We have the Source, Effect 1, Effect 2 and Mapping layers but they don’t act very much like layers.

Is the Dylos layers feature finished? I’m thinking that that it’s unfinished.

Also, I miss the divide and multiply buttons. It’s common to get the rate and then divide it to slow it down. I like the target BPM feature but 40 BPM target is not slow enough. With slow stuff my target is 15 to 20 BPM and really slow stuff I’d like the response to be every X number beats, a feature that Light Jockey had way back when.

I wish this audio BPM set the rate on an effect wheel with the FX timing Wave or Step per X.

Also, I’m not sure if this has anything to do with Onyx. I’ve had more issues with this beta freezing and not closing.

In a separate instance, a popup has told me that another instance is running and that I need to restart the computer.

I had disconnected M-Touch when this happened, was unable to use the Task Manager to close it and then after joining the show it froze again. Then when I reconnected the M-Touch it unfroze. I couldn’t access Resolume or the Task Manager, etc. But plugging in the M-Touch fixed all that.

Still not sure if it’s related to Onyx. Onyx froze again and I can’t access Resolume or anything else. Uninstalled Onyx and computer still freezing up. Uninstalled the drivers and a few other programs and reinstalled Onyx. Not noticing any further freezing up.

In the sidebar not able to add my 1.5 one can you explain why?

is there a way to link the bpm from a audio input processor beat detection via audio in, to a ableton link processor, so we can get the detected bpm to be master bpm in a ableton link session?
and is it possible to tap the master bpm to ableton link from onyx?

and how does the new highlight preset work?
how to record to it, in older versions it is under defaults and there is an explaination. but now we think we must press highlight buttom longer and then?
we find no way to record changed parameters for some fixtures to the different presets.

There’s no way of linking: you can have several inputs, but each target can only have 1 input so linking different beat sources (each tied to an input) is not possible. Actually, there’s no more “master” bpm: each consumer must select the beat source.
The Ableton Link source is bidirectional (since this latest beta): modifying the bpm (incl. tapping) on such a source pushes the change to the session.

From Discord, for others:

In the new “Output” windows (Default, Park, Offset, Highlight), putting them in Edit mode (using the Edit button in their upper left corner) marks them as the current “programmer” target, so you can continue working as you normally would in the regular programmer. They actually kind of behave as dedicated programmers, so any modifications are applied immediately. Simply bring it back out of Edit mode when you’re done (capturing the values into the dedicated "preset"s is implied, so no explicit/separate recording needed).

Highlight and lowlight values are stored together in couples per “highlight preset” (as before), access to either is also toggled using the buttons at the top toolbar of the window (except for the default highlight: that one doesn’t have lowlight) .

That appears to be a bug, we’re looking at it

Hey friends!

You’re probably already aware; but it doesn’t seem possible to update a console from .1249 to .1251; the update does not take. Tried updating an NX4 and 2 NX1’s, and in both instances had to do a full OS install of 4.8.1243 & jump to 4.9.1251.

All else seems ok so far!


Seems like we can’t patch custom fixtures or edited fixture in 1251. I tryed un 1249 too but doesn’t work.
Swap didn’t work eather.

I tryed on my PC and my NX1, same deal.

the tap on ableton link in the beatwindow does not work for us!? the other buttoms are working and are able to adjust the bpm from onyx for the session, but not the tap buttom.

Hello and good morning,can I ask why there is the "RATE " in the HIGHLIGHT?

Gert hello! Please can the Zoom in out of the 2d Plan be attached to Encoders?


Hello and good morning why cant you modify this into a folow spot feature,so we can add some special" points" to that window !these points can be added into this window based on our presets,that are relative to certain positions.
So in this case we could select our fixtures and touch that point in that window,so all the selected fixtures will go to the selected point,respecting also a " RATE" time or snap but that would be our choice!


Hi All,

Another small UX bug in 1251 –

In the new “Beats” panel, clicking on the settings cog does not do anything. I would expect there to be at least a setting to configure how many rows are visible, as right now the new panel seems to display an arbitrary number of rows with no way to scroll if required.

Having M-Touch issues on one PC where the transport controls, the buttons aren’t responding.