onyx fixture finder


the awesome tool onyx fixture finder is not working any more!!!

what are u gona do with this???

i know lot of people who used, and not only onyx users, that web was a great ad for ur brand :wink:

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This was not owned by Obsidian, it was a personal page by a user. He closed it down.

Yes , i know.
But it was a good tool, Isnt it?
I try another Like avofixturefinder , but isn’t the same.
Dont u think obsidian can do something???

The library data is not Obsidians to share, its owned by Atlabase and encrypted against theft. There is nothing we can do for a web page.

They famously abandon, restrict, or drop support for all the aspects of Onyx that allow it to be taken seriously. Anything that made it desirable for people working with unconventional controllers or fixtures is long gone or on the way out.

Also really hilarious to me that Matthais thinks “web forum traffic is diminishing” when he just comes into threads to tell users “No” or defend their insane development decisions. Dont count on hearing from support for any other reason.


The page and domain were never owned by Obsidian, so it was not ours to turn off.
It was a project by a superuser that was based on scanning the old library which was unprotected.

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It doesn’t need to be a website but rather a search within ONYX itself, as currently ONYX already shows all the channels that the fixture has, if there was a channel filter in the search it would be very good and very useful. I currently need to use the Avolite and Chamsys website to be able to find fixtures on ONYX.


Onyx Fixture Finder was an homemade tool, dev by myself :slight_smile:

I can understand your frustration, but it was planned to be removed initially more than 2 years ago. So it get already some extra life. (I was still also using it (this is why I dev it initially) :slight_smile: )

Several reasons were requiring its closure, like confusing onyx user when not founding a given profile in the current library (no more accurate because no more up-to-date, example of trouble), high cost of hosting, maintenance still needed to avoid failures (hacking).

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Are you unable to make it available for use? I don’t know how, but I imagine it as software or a page that can be opened by us in our own Windows.
Even though it was out of date, it was very useful and much easier to use than other sites.

With hundreds of hours, that possible, but I’ve already given enough of my time (for free), the code source is on github, feel free to take over it, that’s open source :slight_smile:

I know friend, but you’re the one who understands the subject of website programming, I have no idea :smiling_face_with_tear:. Could you make a video showing how to run it on our computers.

It’ll be still several hours just for that ^^, I’ve really no time for it, I’m sorry