Onyx RC 4.9.1259

I’m having a Chase CL turn off for no reason I can see. The only other thing running is a Timecode CL that moves to it’s next step but changes no parameters and that is when the Chase CL turns off. The real wierd part is that it WAS working just fine until I started trying to get Marks(Mark by cue) to work. Even when going back to having Marks turned off it still kills the Chase when the TC CL goes to it’s next cue.


  • I updated the bios
  • Updated Onyx to the latest build support was offering
  • Set the Midi Cue to Go instead of Follow
    → Midi macros don’t crash Onyx anymore.

Midimacro assignments are still session persistant though, thus miss assignments require a restart of Onyx.

We have a customer who has an NX4 and a NX1 networked together via X-Net, and we have this issue that I have been able to replicate both with their showfile and a blank showfile.

When you press “Play” on cuelists, sometimes it does not fire the resulting cuelist. Through testing, I have found that it seems to be a bug related to the macro “Release This Cuelist”, which they have as the second cue on each of these cuelists. If I use cuelists that don’t feature that macro, the issue doesn’t happen.


Hi to all!

I suppose here we have an issue that never occured before with CAPTURE 2024 ,So when Onyx is already opend ,and then I launch Capture 2024, it seems like Capture is stuck and can’t open itself it looks like this is related to CITP cause if i close CITP feature it opens.
Otherwise If I launch first Capture 2024 and then Onyx it works perfectly, can you guys check this out?

Thanx! = )

You should reach out to Capture about this, nothing changed in ONYX and Capture was updated to 2024, so the concern would be on their side.

Already did that ,just to info also you if you want to double check in case it’s also Onyx related!

Hi to all!
Can you ask Cristian for some really smooth transition from a static position to a “Dylos fx” when using moving heads ,obviously combined with the 3 preset positions in DYLOS, to your opinion it’s better giving a time to the the mapping weight or the output?


Hi Giancarlo,
I would set the fade time to the Output (Zone slot Intensity channel). For a smooth transition it is important, as you are most likely aware of, that you set all other DyLOS parameters before(!) you start fading in the Zone Output. The mapping weight would work, too, but the weighting system will be changed in the future and has no additional benefits in your use case. So I would use the Output, which state is better represented in the GUI, too.

Another way, which would create, depending on the presets, a different kind of transition, is as follows:

  • program the 3-preset mapping in a way, that preset1 (black) is the static position
  • have the content (Source slot) set to black by turning the brightness channel to minimum (the generator or media file is already loaded)
  • set the Zone Output to full to show the static position
  • now, fade in the Source slot’s brightness to normal.

Hi to all ,copying page in the 2d plan doesn’t copy also the Dylos zones that are part of that page ,can we avoid this? so we don’t need to do a double work ?
THANX! = )

Thanx Christian
Why can’t Dylos work with Move when dark? if the output is at a 0 value, and cuelist is setted to move when dark ,it could auto prepare itself and then when output is at full all is already setted.

Common issues:

When joining a show, I often have to toggle the X-Net on and off in Onyx Network Settings from the computer I want to join the show from. Then the “Join” option goes from grey to white, so that I can join.

Dylos seems to lose sync between computers, while the playbacks stay synchronized. So I need to quit onyx from the secondary computer and restart to fix the Dylos synchronization.

Still having issues with restarting Onyx. Sometimes one needs to restart the PC before Onyx will Launch.

As a workaround, I found that if I install Microsoft PC Manager I can use it to stop the Onyx processes and then it will launch without restarting the computer.


Audio input synchronization between primary and secondary seems unfinished.

Audio Input, for example in Dylos, doesn’t output from other synced PC: if I have audio in enabled on one computer but I have a USB interface connected to the other computer, the output doesn’t use the audio input.

As mentioned previously, new audio features such as Beat Divider, don’t seem to respond to “Live Time”. Dylos > Sync > Show Details … > Programmer > Gobo > Beat Multiplier and Beat Divider. They don’t seem to respond to “Live Time” settings.

Edited 2/17: I found that if I create a Q-Blender with a Beat Divider range it itsn’t a smooth transition because of the default settings** :alien:**

By default the Sync is set to Dylos > Gobo > … Sync > “Absolute” by default… It’s noticeably choppy when I change the Beat Division and Beat Multiplication live because of that. So Iearned that changing the Sync to “Relative” :sweat_smile: smooths it out. The "Absolute setting is actually a useful glitch effect.

If the Beat Divider goes too fast it appears as constantly on within a short stretch of the fader.

Dylos parameters, such as Gobos, don’t respond to “Live Time” either. If there’s a different Gobo in the Programmer then switching from Preview to Live is instantaneous.

There’s no fade to the Live Time settings from one Dylos Gobo to the another.

Dylos Gobo Rotation syncs between Primary and Secondary PC’s but not the animation. It staticly rotates the thumbnail in Dylos on the secondary PC but it doesn’t play to the speed of the animation.

Hello, all. Using RC 1259. I have CL 1 cue 1 sets intensity, color, position presets, cue 2 fires CL 2 chase via macro that does intensity only chase, cue 3 fires new position preset(and has other params track). CL 2 starts and works normally for CL 1 cue 2, but when CL 1 cue 3 triggers it kills CL 2. CL 1 cue 3 doesn’t have intensity in except for tracking but that seems to ‘trigger’ a change in intensity so it kills CL 2. Is this the intended behavior? I have gotten around this for the moment by setting CL 2 priority slightly higher but would like to know how Onyx is officially supposed to handle this. Thanks!

Hi to all can we have timing for our overrides so we can gently fade in and out anything? is this so complicated ?


It would be great to be able to apply settings to the travel of the fader movements themselves, such as “fade”, “ramp style of initial movements, to take the edge off of clumsy hand movements”, “smooth”, " alternations", “glitch”, and assign a reaction method & time to them.

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Just to let you know I am asking for this feature only from the begining of 2021. = )

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@Giancarlo and @truthcollins - maybe I’m not fully understanding the request. But I have “Speed Master” on overrides that get faster as I push the fader up and slower as I pull the fader down.

This is from the older (M-Series) days. Maybe give it a try and see if it accomplishes what you are asking for.

Hope this helps,


Your completely missunderstanding ! My fault the tittle was wrong

Ahhh - That makes better sense. You mean timings in general for overrides. I figured I didn’t understand the request, because I’ve seen the things you’ve been doing.

Don’t worry it was my fault anyway nobody listens to us ,so it’s like talking alone or worse someone will answer as usual " it’s been like this …"- = )

@Giancarlo - I’m sorry you feel this way about some of the feedback we give. I do believe they are making progress. While it may be slow, I have seen several bugs that I have reported addressed. And I feel like you have made several suggestions that some have been implemented and others have been put on the timeline (hopefully) or have helped move issues up in the development process. I’m sure it is hard as there are always great ideas coming in from the user base (100’s of users), but only a handful of programmers and testers. That said, hopefully they have some sort of “ticketing and logging” system to keep track of feature request. Not knowing the software roadmap makes it hard to know if a “feature request” is in the works or planning to be a part of another feature they are working on (like the audio beat detection / analysis. So please don’t be discouraged and keep up the good work. You have some incredible designs and have done amazing things with ONYX as you have always said “Study”. You are helping make the platform and community stronger even if you don’t think you are being heard.

Hope this helps encourage you to keep pressing forward.


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